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Yeah, that's some serious libel... but since it apparently backfired, Apple probably won't sue as that could start its own negative press.
After applying the 10.10.3 supplemental update, my trackpad (not force touch) regular clicking sometimes doesn't register, so now I have a new issue I didn't have before. So far, SMC & PRAM reset has been ineffective.
Did Tim Cook state that Apple would no longer do business with the state of Indiana?
If Apple changes the default search engine, that's exactly what will change, the default, not my current setting. So to think that every iOS user will be affected and we'd all be scurrying to "switch back" to Google seems extreme. More likely, Google will lose some mobile market share over time.
And tomorrow it's Apple. And the day after it's Samsung again. And the day after that they're tied. Yeah, yeah, we get the point; give it a rest.
So, what the heck are these analysts analyzing when they come out with their preposterous doomsday reports? Sorry, but they are not worth the toilet paper they wipe their @$$e$ with.
They print "Should have got" and they're poking fun at Apple? Amazing. Or were they seriously trying to put a colloquial twist to it?
  Aren't you an Apple user?         Will you change your Apple ][ username too?
"rumroed?" Don't you guys use spellcheck? ;-) Apple, again, will pave the way for a radical change in how content is delivered to the consumer. Then Amazon and Google will jump on the train at the next stop, using names that are close enough, but not quite, like ATV - Amazon TV Store... most likely without the proper licensing for storing said content on multiple devices or distributing to multiple devices via a cloud service...
  I don't know anything about Apple copying Braun, but I think many people miss the point. You can copy and improve on others' work at your heart's content... until you step on someone's I.P. At that point, the infringed company can then sue you. So, if Apple is going after H.P., then I would conclude that they have trade dress or some kind of patent on the iMac that H.P. has infringed upon and therefore have every right to sue for damages, according to the law. Am I...
New Posts  All Forums: