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And if Motorola's score did not beat Apple's score for this time period in this sub-section of the market, then what? Would the report have been based on girls under the age of 12 or seniors who are retired, or...?
Yes. I think Canada is the ONLY country to have 3-year contracts. Oh, and when I got my 3G s, the three years started over from day 1.
As much as I love Time Machine, it can be quite problematic at times. I welcome any updates to it. I hope 10.6.2 brings us back one step closer to "it just works". Don't get me wrong, OS X is still the BEST operating system out there and I thoroughly enjoy using SL. Rock on!
Now if MS can only get the Bluetooth part correct. I've used their BT mouse before. It was a total waste of money.
That's a matter of opinion. Some put style first. Some want a balance. For all the ergonomics concerns that regular keyboard bring, how many people do you know that use those split/angled keyboards? In this case, it may not be a style issue, but the point is that whatever works for someone is what they use.And I love my Mighty Mouse. It works for me. Although the scroll ball mechanism is problematic, I do love the way it scrolls and would not go back to a regular wheel...
CS4 has always given me headaches, even with Leopard, and not just while saving. It crashes almost every time I use it, sometimes while just scrolling with the mouse. Adobe is one of the last remaining companies with software that is so expensive. They should be serving up updates much more often.
That's a good idea if you just want things to work. Early adopting is really for the tech-saavy who can't wait and don't mind going through the growing pains because they are enjoying the new features and can work around the broken ones. I think Apple did themselves a disservice by releasing SL earlier than expected. It caught many developers off guard and software that almost every Mac user uses, such as Growl and 1Password were not ready at all for the release. But, I'm...
Ballmer is a rounding error.
I think this includes major updates too, such as upgrading to 10.7, though that won't be too soon, probably not in 2010. However, if a school does this for OS X, iLife, iWorks, etc. it might work out beneficial, even if it costs, say, $40/seat for the year, that would be worth it. The schools can easily past some or all of that cost to the students (computer lab fee) and some of it would likely be subsidized by the government.
I don't think this has anything to do with Apple not wanting the Palm Pre to sync with iTunes. It's more that Apple doesn't want Palm using Apple's USB vendor ID. Mark/Space sells software for both Mac and PC that allows the Palm Pre to sync with iTunes and Apple hasn't gone after them. Why can't Palm write their own sync conduit as well? I don't know why, but to me Palm is just acting like a big baby. Get over it and get to work!
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