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How many years have we been talking about i5's and i7's? The cpu market seems very stagnant these days. Nothing much new and really much faster than we were seeing a few years ago.
Really? Redesigned calculator is news? Ok then . . . How about some stability and better app compatibility and stuff like that?
I'm not sure I want my health tracked so closely..
This is a pathetically underpowered computer in today's world. blehh . .
So far I see a hot mess. I'm sure that will improve over time, but I really expected this would be a little further along by now.
I have to agree with you.
caused by Find My Mac.
It does look 5C-ish.
I agree. Can't imagine Jobs doping something stupid like this.
Not to me, that one looks way too thin to house much of anything other than the display.
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