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So public betas should brick apple's new computers and you think that is acceptable?  If that is to be the case, they shouldn't give us seed access. Bugs maybe ok, but not total os failure....
I've heard this lovely update BRICKS NEW RETINA imacs!!! Good going Apple!!
Other than wifi and notifications, many of the lag inducing bugs were not even addressed yet.
There are so many other performance bugs in Yosemite that I find it hard to believe that wifi is the only focus. maybe they will deal with the other bugs in 01.0.2..
Have not seen this delay on my 2012-13 imac keyboard or trackpad.
whah..whah...whah... jeeze..get over it.
Don't like this....
No,  you really do need it to keep pace with the rest of the market. 1GB ram is a low end budget device spec at this point no matter how much so called optimization is going on. Maybe the 5.5 will come with 2gb? If not I'll be shocked, but not entirely surprised.
Yes, the rest of the industry seems to have no problems to produce their 5.5" products, so I think it is safe to say that Apple can and will pull it off just fine.
How many years have we been talking about i5's and i7's? The cpu market seems very stagnant these days. Nothing much new and really much faster than we were seeing a few years ago.
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