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I agree. Can't imagine Jobs doping something stupid like this.
Not to me, that one looks way too thin to house much of anything other than the display.
That's a horrible mock up. No resemblance to what this would actually look like.
"Chitika speculates that Apple's decision to make Mavericks a free upgrade" may be why?   DUH!!!!!!!
Cut down on the Red Bull .......
This doesn't sound too good. The 5S is barely any different than the 5. Maybe they should just skip and go to the 6 if there is going to be a delay.
I'm getting to hate Apple over this. Corporate bullying.
I am sick to death of Apple's bullying other companies. Nonsense.
and this is newsworthy because . . . . ???
Loyalty wore off for me after a measly 4" stale phone. Still loyal to their computers though.
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