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Funny how there are still a few people that think these are fakes, rather than prototypes or such. Can you imagine what it would take to fake this? If they are fakes, then Apple needs to get on a plane and hire these people immediately.
Who cares. It's a frickin phone.
It's likely either the final design or a very advanced prototype. The conspiracy theorists really kill me. At least most of the comments regarding the design have been positive. Apple has to like hat at least. a poll I just saw. Much Better 41% (5,797 votes) A Little Better 27% (3,751 votes) Same 7% (951 votes) A Little Worse 14% (2,014 votes) Much Worse 11% (1,518 votes) (herein lies the conspiracy theorists votes) Total Votes: 14,031
Huh, UPS is delivering ipads today, Sat . . .
Why doesn't it have wheels? Who wants to get a workout lifting handles all the time. I've never understood this. Actually I just stuck some wheels on the bottom of my 08 MP. So much easier to slide in and out.
All of these flash haters in here are just sipping on Steve Job's coolaid. I don't take these comments seriously. If flash is so bad why do they allow it on OSX? Lots of things today will get replaced with lots of other things tomorrow, but Flash isn't going anywhere any time soon. This is obvioulsy some sort of a dispute between Apple and Adobe, nothing more....
Interesting that there hasn't been one comment in bthis thread so dar from an affected user.
They pump all these services out and then they get upset when you use them. The tech industry is like no other in history. We basically pay to beta test their crappy half finished products and then they see how much they can bleed us on top of that.
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