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By the way, you can always get a GTX285 now for the mac pro. In any case, it makes no sense to buy one of these now with the newer fater models probably a few months away although I would expect the initial prices to be quite high for the best models. Also why on earth would anyone pay $500 for a 2TB drive from apple when you can get the same or better drive (WD black 2TB) or even the new segate sata 600 one for no more than $300?
I agree with those that have said the lack of a programable 3rd button is a deal breaker for me. Hugh oversight.
Hopefully LG or other LG supplier will see a market outside of the imac for this panel and issue a monitor based on it.
Alright, I thought about it. . . . My conclusion is, that in fact, you yourself are the "dumb ass".
There has got to be a way to enable expose on this without touching the keyboard. Otherwise I really don't see how this mouse could replace any other one.
I have no idea why anyone would complain about this. Sign me up. I'll take one.
Loads of websites use flash for menus and site navigation. It well entrenched. It makes no sense for Apple not to accommodate.
They need to either price these things well below $1000 or put quad cores in them. One can only hope that quad imacs will be the norm by the end of the year. Otherwise it really is pretty pathetic when you look closely at your options.
I guess they are positioning the touch as mainly a portable gaming device and not much more.
Just another way to suck money out of us. This should be a free service for normal (not premium) subscribers, the same way it is on the internet if you want to listen and you are grandfathered in on your subscription.
New Posts  All Forums: