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Loads of websites use flash for menus and site navigation. It well entrenched. It makes no sense for Apple not to accommodate.
They need to either price these things well below $1000 or put quad cores in them. One can only hope that quad imacs will be the norm by the end of the year. Otherwise it really is pretty pathetic when you look closely at your options.
I guess they are positioning the touch as mainly a portable gaming device and not much more.
Just another way to suck money out of us. This should be a free service for normal (not premium) subscribers, the same way it is on the internet if you want to listen and you are grandfathered in on your subscription.
With AT&T we won't know till it gets here. I made the mistake of upgrading on the AT&T site and my order was canceled by AT&T and re ordered also by AT&T internally yesterday. It will be a miracle if it comes by friday. Anyway, Big mistake.
Who appointed you group counselor?
This is a big slap in the face of existing loyal customers. I can only hope they back down on this as they did in prior years, but it seems that they so only after loud complaining as they did in the lower price refund gen 1 iphone debacle, and I do agree that Apple takes the lead and the blame on this one.
Unless, the new bezel is designed in such a way around the edges and earpeace, to help minimize the cracking problems that so many have had with the 3G. Nevertheless, IF it is some sort of fake pic, why do they bother. What is the thrill? I don't get it. It is sad that some people have nothing better to do with their time.
I can just use Firefox if Safari isb't ready anyway. Release it!!!
Apple should spend more time in their own help forums and less spying on new sites like AI for leaks.
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