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Hmm . . did the OS run any updates in that period of time?
The problem can be fairly subtle in nature. It would not surprise me if many users would not even notice it unless it was pointed out. At first I chalked it up to typing errors. Then I proved otherwsie. I think the issue may be more widespread than just a few isolated forum posters.
It's not Safari. I only use Firefox and have the issue all day long. It was present long before 10.5.1, but I upgraded to Leopard as soon as I bought the PBP, so I can't speak for 10.4.
Mine happens mostly is web pages and doesn't seem to have anything to do with sleep mode or battery. It just seems to happen most of the time. I type something and then look back and the firts one or two letters I typed don't appear. I would never have bought this if I had know about this from the start. For $3000 I should expect a working kepboard.
As a recent Windows to Apple convert, I must say I never expected these sort of nagging issues with a Mac. First the Time Machine problems and now this. Yes I have the same darn keyboard problem on my brand new 17" MBP. This is ugly.
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