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Who appointed you group counselor?
This is a big slap in the face of existing loyal customers. I can only hope they back down on this as they did in prior years, but it seems that they so only after loud complaining as they did in the lower price refund gen 1 iphone debacle, and I do agree that Apple takes the lead and the blame on this one.
Unless, the new bezel is designed in such a way around the edges and earpeace, to help minimize the cracking problems that so many have had with the 3G. Nevertheless, IF it is some sort of fake pic, why do they bother. What is the thrill? I don't get it. It is sad that some people have nothing better to do with their time.
I can just use Firefox if Safari isb't ready anyway. Release it!!!
Apple should spend more time in their own help forums and less spying on new sites like AI for leaks.
Everything I've read from beta testers points to more like jun e at best.
Boot camp is actually completely unecessary if you would rather just manually install any version of windows including windows 7 assuming you create a ntfs partition first. I booted to the win7 dvd, installed to the blank ntfs partition and loaded any drivers needed from either Intel directly or whatever hardware manufacturer was needed. You are more likely to get the latest driver updates this way for some of your hardware. That said, this was on a 2008 mac pro. Some...
Hmm . . lot of flash haters out there. They probably click on flash menus and links all the time and don't even realize it. Maybe they should just go back to electric typewriters. Clearly Flash is too advanced for them.
Also, more phones are covered with a case than not, so there could be many cracks going unreported. On my first iphone, the case went on and never came off. Not everyone would even think to check unless reading the forums.
They are showing a poll with about the rate of 16% reporting cracks. Even that is a lot for a few week old phone, teckie or not. That % is bound to go up with time I would think.http://forums.macrumors.com/poll.php...ts&pollid=3210 By the way, is Apple really so insecure as to have to take down the link to the thread about this on their own forum? To me that looks like they are trying to cover this up.
New Posts  All Forums: