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The shipments out have picked up steam in the last few days.
It's really not the demand so high as it is the production is unusually low.
They already are big successes for "others"
I tend to agree.
On Schedule Initiated Picked up In transit Delivered In transit SHANGHAI CN Shipment Dates Ship date Dec 10, 2012 Estimated delivery Dec 13, 2012 by 10:30 AM Destination Largo, MD
The author needs to feed the 2011 i7 #'s into this article to compare more apples to apples. Do we have those numbers somewhere? I guess the original cnet article is more a compare to PC all in ones than to similar 2011 macs.
Maybe they will have limited supplies still by year end? Either way it's very disappointing, yet not unexpected really considering the lack of attention to Macs in general lately.
Yes, the Adam and Eve story is a blatant Apple rip off.
The only reason they let a 5400 drive into the base model was to come under a price point.
Maybe they should double down on quality control instead of worrying about this. If anything, the leaks generate buzz which generate sales. I'm not buying it.
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