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more forced obsolescence.
seems more like user error. . . .
Well this just helped me to finally decide to ditch the iPhone and get the galaxy s3. Apple is a big bully and I don't want to support this sort of thing.
Placed a Samsung Galaxy S3 in one pocket and an iphone 4 in another. Guess which one was less noticeable and easier to get in and out. Hint, it wasn't the Apple. So some extra width really isn't a big deal. I too wish Apple had gone a tad wider.
I am starting to believe that there is something seriously wrong with the patent system. Patenting things like human gestures seems a bit too new world order to me.
Exactly. I couldn't get that slow dinosaur of a superdrive out of my Mac pro fast enough. Waste of space.
The distance to view a 27" monitor is much further away than a laptop and the need for retina over the current res is not that big of a deal.
This is not the E5 Xeon!!!!  Please fix the title. This is the same old hardware shuffled prices.
It's a little late for that, unless the buyer has been living under a rock.
Thank you so much. I am truly glad you cleared that up for everyone. What were we thinking . . . . . . ..
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