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Maybe they will have limited supplies still by year end? Either way it's very disappointing, yet not unexpected really considering the lack of attention to Macs in general lately.
Yes, the Adam and Eve story is a blatant Apple rip off.
The only reason they let a 5400 drive into the base model was to come under a price point.
Maybe they should double down on quality control instead of worrying about this. If anything, the leaks generate buzz which generate sales. I'm not buying it.
Interesting that there are more comments here about the macs than the ipad mini.
I doubt we will see any retina imac anytime soon. I would be happy however to see any sort of new imac at this point even with the exact same screen it has now.
Shipments of Apple's new products %u2013 a Retina Display 13-inch MacBook Pro, 7.85-inch iPad and iMac %u2013 have reportedly been delayed from September to October and with the year-end holidays approaching, the upstream supply chain is aggressively preparing for expected strong orders in both October and November, according to sources from the upstream supply chain. The shipment delay is said to have been caused by weak yields of the Retina Display, the sources...
more forced obsolescence.
seems more like user error. . . .
Well this just helped me to finally decide to ditch the iPhone and get the galaxy s3. Apple is a big bully and I don't want to support this sort of thing.
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