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Thanks to Apple Insider for covering this! Can't hurt. Over 7000 now.
They are working overtime to get everyone on mobile devices. The idea that they would spend one minute thinking how to get us to move back towards desktops goes entirely against the grain of Apples current path. The best we can hope for is Sandy Bridge in the same old case.
The point is that the entire mac line is due for a refresh and it is entirely unclear as to when, where, and how Apple will handle it. All I know is that it seems like it has been forever since something mac has been announced. Personally, I think whatever they do release will be either before or after WWDC, but obviously we don't know. I am pretty certain that the Mac Pro will be last out the door though, if at all.
Or just mass produce enough SSD's to get the price in line with regular hard drives and we'll all be happy. I suppose that wouldn't set to well with western digital and seagate at the moment.
Well today it's all "in stock" as usual, and 12 core 2-4 days. It's like there is an endless supply of this old stuff. Maybe that's why. Stale technology and overpriced.
I'm with you. All across the board.
sadly no Mac Pro bench....
Seem fine with me.
From what I have seen, most reviewers acknowledge that where some of the android and other non apple phone beat the iphone on specs, the IOS optimizations surpass the hardware specs generally in performance.
I agree with dropping this. I've had a 17" since 2008 and especially now with the ipad, there is no reason to move this monster around and there is every reason top substitute an imac with a larger screen. 17" is just too bulky to be portable in today's world.
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