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Seem fine with me.
From what I have seen, most reviewers acknowledge that where some of the android and other non apple phone beat the iphone on specs, the IOS optimizations surpass the hardware specs generally in performance.
I agree with dropping this. I've had a 17" since 2008 and especially now with the ipad, there is no reason to move this monster around and there is every reason top substitute an imac with a larger screen. 17" is just too bulky to be portable in today's world.
Originally Posted by charlituna View Post And what percent of Apple users actually need that much computer. And how may users really "need" an ipad? Who cares basically .
What all these articles are is depressing. Not much optimism left. I wish Apple would just get it over with already.
Maybe we can't get any hints from the Mac Pro Development team because they have already left the building.
I'm wondering if Apple has anything at all to offer on a Pro line going forward. Nothing but dreary predictions lately.
Easy solution. If you prefer the bigger ipad, stick with it. If you like a smaller one, hope they produce one and buy that. Done. Personally, I hope they make a bigger iphone so I don't have to carry 2 devices around.
Actually I kind of like this idea. My ipads are nice, but heavy and a bit much to carry around. I could use a smaller one nicely at work. That said, maybe a larger screen iphone would do the trick.
or just a new itv . . . . . . . \
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