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sigh . . . .
I do like the curved glass idea.
Very disappointing if this is all it is. Steve exists and the place goes bland . . . .
What a coincidence. I was just thinking the same thing about your post!
Rumors just ain't what they used to be these days......
are you on a debating team or something?
I don't know about that, but I do agree from a marketing perspective, they can't afford to "drop the ball".
textnow is not exactly as convenient as normal texting.
Looking at a hands on demo video of the touchpad, I have to say Apple could take a few ques from this new WebOS implementation. Quite well done and solves some nagging ipad issues in an elegant way. Downside is the Summer availability and hopefully ipad 2 (April?) and an updated ios will compensate. nevertheless, well done HP I thought.
This really makes the iphone 4 look bad.
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