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I didn't think there were any real dreamers left in this world.
Exactly why it needs frequent updates.
I wish it was for the rumored magic trackpad.
It doesn't work.
There is no excuse for this. I hope Apple and AT&T get some muddy press for this. They both deserve it.
He's guessing just like we are.
The only thing that could make the keynote interesting at this point is if Steve goes on stage and fumbles for the new iphone which he can't find, and then Jason Chen stands up in the audience and woefully hands over a bag full of iphone breakdown parts, but I doubt Steve has that sort of sense of humor.
Funny how there are still a few people that think these are fakes, rather than prototypes or such. Can you imagine what it would take to fake this? If they are fakes, then Apple needs to get on a plane and hire these people immediately.
Who cares. It's a frickin phone.
New Posts  All Forums: