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I don't know about that, but I do agree from a marketing perspective, they can't afford to "drop the ball".
textnow is not exactly as convenient as normal texting.
Looking at a hands on demo video of the touchpad, I have to say Apple could take a few ques from this new WebOS implementation. Quite well done and solves some nagging ipad issues in an elegant way. Downside is the Summer availability and hopefully ipad 2 (April?) and an updated ios will compensate. nevertheless, well done HP I thought.
This really makes the iphone 4 look bad.
Why would anybody care?
The could have thrown a few extra fixes in for good measure. What a waste of time.
You are better off picking a very basic configuration and buying your own Ram and own drives etc where you will save considerably over what apple charges to upgrade components, especially the ram. Huge savings there.
Really this MP and the imac updates are the bare minimum to qualify as updated lines. No technology advances whatsoever. Kind of disappointing when you think of it, especially when compared to the rest of the desktop market or even Apples own mobile lines which are putting forth innovative new features.. Simply no innovation this time around.
With all this new hype and high expectations, if they don't release at least something tomorrow, it's going to be an ugly day around the forums.
If all this stuff releases in one day it will be quite a significant day at the Apple store.
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