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OOops! I added an extra "Home page" icon for Safari...now I have two, cluttering the screen. I have no idea how to delete one. How? This, plus, if someone would kindly direct me to a good online user's guide or a good book for purchase that'll train me for such details, I may keep my butt off the board here, and quit cluttering this space with pickayuunee questions! (Makes me feel doltish!)
On my new MBP, seems, no matter how I set the speed of double-clicking, I can't get the track pad to let me double-click to move a window! Best I can do is, double-click to MINIMIZE. I know, that I can hold down the bar and drag with the touch pad, but I am given to understand, in the settings that one may also use double-tap to tap-drag a window then single-tap to lock the window back into place... What, perhaps, may I be doing wrong?
I'm too cheap (or is it poor?) to buy Adobe Photoshop just to get Adobe Bridge ...I have it on my Windows PC and I'm used to it, there, but ...on my new Mac I'm using Gimp, and so, all I need is, a way to display the graphics files in a folder (as Bridge does). A given folder may contain files OTHER THAN graphics files (e.g., .htm, .css, .php, .js, and like that). Mediadex looks like it might fit the ticket. iPhoto doesn't... No smart way to keep track of updated folder...
I have two X11-handled apps - Gimp and OpenOffice. I can add them as, for example, space 3 and space 4, respectively. But, since each opens via X11, each ignores its assigned space and opens wherever it's clicked. Of course, if I assign X11 to a space, they'll BOTH open there! What to do? Maybe my app-install was faulty? I'm new at this...as you might deduce.
Please let me clarify. I'm aware of the "Picasa upload" thingie. That's not what I mean. I've used Picasa on Windows. It has a feature I very much like, and I DON'T THINK iPhoto can do it. That is, KEEP INTELLIGENT TRACK of the contents of photos in individual folders on my local hard drive, even as I update them. I maintain folders for various websites. Say, one for each client, each with photos to be placed online, and each with new photos now and then, and each with...
Thanks for that SIIG link! I'm a headin' right over to Radio Shack toot sweet!
I'm hoping to "cut the cord" from MS! Been learning and using OOo for quite awhile now on the ol' PC. Just got my MBP and lovin' it! I've been trying over the past few days to download OOo. Constantly redirected to failure-of-server message. Is this, something I'm doing wrong? (I tried on, Safari, Firefox, and Opera!) Connection is wireless, Covad DSL through Linksys router; system is MBP with latest Leopard...)
Is there such thing as an adapter that fits in the express card slot? Or do I need a USB-type reader? In any case, is this a generic sort of item I may find at, say, Office Depot? (I have a 40% off coupon there, good until tomorrow if I get a response here, with "brand name" recommendation by then!) ...or Radio Shack? Or is this something I need to fetch from an Apple-type retailer? (There's one of those in town, too, and the price for the USB doohickey is $40.) Advice...
Just curious... I have several tabs on my iGoogle "personal home page". I notice that, whatever tab I'm on, when I leave the laptop, is the one that's visible when I look at iGoogle on the iPod Touch! The access tabs aren't visible on the iPod Touch Safari screen display...I haven't fingered out a way to get to the other iGoogle tabs on the iPod Touch! Has anyone else?
Total html! Free hosting (Google)! (Eternal life! Infinite wisdom! Peace and kindness for all! But that's off-topic...) I wrote the html, in the first editable section, attaching a style sheet using a neat javascript I found in Google Groups and written by Philippe Chappuis: http://philippe.chappuis.googlepages.com/ The other files in the Google area are indeed all mine, including the CSS. I'm not paying for a host, just a domain registrar. I have a host, but this...
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