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...before I stretch the patience of "backtomac" I had forgotten I posted a similar question in a similar thread before, and he replied, that the main difference was about the GPU... The price difference I ran into, configured as I want, was about $1500!!! (including all software and accessories to be added). The difference was, as "backtomac" said, GPU, and as I've said, screen real estate, and as I've yet to try in person, a good solid grope of the keyboard. As I say,...
I do websites. I sit here, all the livelong day... I'm switching to Macbook from the PC realm. I see the "power" I think I want can be found in a black (13") MB or in a 15" MBP, but with roughly $1500 difference for 2 inches of screen real estate. Is a keyboard grope, for long-term feel, the determining factor? Or should I be thinking of other things?\
What would I gain from a "dedicated GPU"? (What IS a GPU, pray tell? Sounds like, I'm guessing, a Graphics Processing Unit? Does this sound like something a web designer, who, indeed, uses Graphics, needs?)I have an HP dV5000 now, and also an ol' IBM Thinkpad A31...would a Macbook have graphics equal in quality to those two?
I'm an ol' Windows veteran, planning on fetching a Mac this spring. Please advise, you cogniscenti? I'm a web designer. I seldom (well, let's say, never) use more than two USB ports at a time. I DO use a smart card/SD card slot (to be handled by Apple Express card). Looks like, the POWER (cpu, memory, possible disk capacity for MY needs) are ample and about the same, on both Macbook and Macbook Pro. I'd want to run Parallels/Windows. So, now. The differences, as I count...
Geez! I wonder how much of a cross section of the general Mac/Leopard population this board and this thread represents! Got me really spooked! (I still haven't bought in, yet!)
(Count me in as a "Gater-hater", and...) I long to break the addiction come next year after the Xmas buying broohaha! However, now, I tremble to think how a MacOSx newbie would be forced to spend endless otherwise productive hours diddling with a simple () locked keyboard.
New Posts  All Forums: