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Surprise, surprise! It _needn't_ be purely for data "consumption". Already, there are *rudimentary* photo editors (e.g. Photogene and Photoforge), *rudimentary* word processors (e.g. Pages and the upcoming M$ stuff), and *rudimentary* code editors/FTP capabilitities (e.g. Textastic and Koder). _Maybe_ add an external keyboard and you have a measure of power!
I saw an interesting point of view elsewhere - in arstechnica, I think it was - from someone who'd been in China. This person suggested that what _we_ call "slave labor" is actually considered a good thing by many who work in Chinese factories, as it is a step up from other ways of life. A path toward greater wealth for their families, via (actually) _less_ work than they would have to do otherwise. I can't verify, personally, so this POV could be idiocy.
This business of going to icloud.com/iwork and signing in and dragging a file over to the cloud window is...er...unsightly. (Maybe it's okay for the security-privacy minded.) What we had in mind was, automated syncing of our documents between our laptops and our iPads, in the same automated mindless lazy way as it is for multiple iOS gadgets. But no-O-o. I'm glad somebody at least mentioned the carefully hidden ~/Library folder. Now we'll link it as a shortcut in the...
As you may deduce from what I wrote, I made the mistake of setting up everything with iCloud = same appleid as AppStore/iTunes. I'm now backing off to different appleid for iCloud. However, it should be noted, when backing off, iCloud eats calendar contents: be sure to export calendars to ics files before cutting off iCloud account. (It appears all my other iCloud-connected files survived the operation.) Reloading calendars was grievous and time-consuming. Thanks for...
Here's the problem I'm juggling. Difficult to explain. Bear with me. I just installed 10.7.2 yesterday (October 12, 2011). We'll be buying iPads shortly (iOS5, of course). The goal: it is necessary that one appleid be used for all purchases, so that no product (app, iTunes content) need be purchased twice. This would be true for either the two MBPs or the two iPads. Fair enough? It is necessary that one appleid be used between one MBP and its iPad, and one appleid be...
Maybe Apple and Exxon should get together and buy out the U.S. government. iAmerica.
So, "renting" a piece of equipment for $27+ per month is too cheap? Seems a bit of an odd idea, somehow.
We just fetched a copy of Pages for our MBPs yesterday, in anticipation of using Pages on our [future] iPads. Just for the heck of it, I built some business cards. Then I built some basic tables, and some invoices. All these, I tried to export to .doc format. The results were very unsatisfactory! Pages, of course, was very polite in providing warning messages stating that Pages thought the intended output format did not support certain aspects of the documents, such as...
As in "I'm announcing today that I will announce next Tuesday whether or not I'm going to announce my candidacy for President..."Is that a "preannouncement"?
Gotter done. Formatted and ready for the buyer to run setup. Posted for sale at, I hope, a good price. Now all that remains is for me to have the patience to wait. And wait. (A problem that can't be addressed here.) Meanwhile, I'll mark this problem as solved, and thank you one and all for your kind and gracious help.
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