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Does that mean, any and all iPad cases must be the ones made by Apple? No one may sell "iPad cases"? Or does it mean, simply, one may not describe it as an "iPad case" but rather as "a case made for thin computing appliances"? Absurd.
On Windoze, of course, I was "told" a determined hacker could dig beyond such an attempt and find personal stuff anyway, but I'll take your word for it. Anyway, the Snow Leopard "Installation, features, and refinements" CD I have is 10.6 dated in 2009. So I assume that after install I'd have to sit there quite awhile, doing software update (including iTunes, especially) to get it all back up to date, since 2009. Right? (Well, right. DuhUhuh.) Thanks again.
I have a two-year-old 15" MacBookPro. Inasmuch as we have two newer 13" MBPs which are entirely sufficient for our needs, I'm gonna put up the 15" MBP for sale. My question is this. I'm aware from past experience that the only sure way to deal with Windoze machines was to remove and utterly destroy the hard drive, for security reasons, to eliminate ALL possibility of compromising important personal information. I suspect so for MBPs (they're not holy, after all) but I...
I hear you there... I suppose I'm weird enough to hope that progress won't make a new computer obsolete before the Applecare expires...But at least, I'm relieved for now that JRE can easily be downloaded. We depend heavily upon LibreOffice, and are not willing to go the route of Google Docs (or especially Apple iWork/Pages) for all our word processing. Who knows, in the heat of the competition to come, Apple could make it difficult to get to Google Docs? Naw, just...
iPhoto would easily sync with my iPod Touch, of course, and (IMO) offers a better slide show mechanism. But I suppose it is not to be. Thanks for your response!
We have 11,000+ photos, organized into 11 yearly folders. Picasa can monitor folders, and detect both deletion of a photo from a folder and movement of a photo from one folder to another. Can iPhoto be persuaded to do the same, without manual intervention? So far, all I've been able to do is, import folders one by one into the iPhoto library (unchecking the business of importing the actual photo so that iPhoto merely indexes the photo). iPhoto loads each folder as...
Yep...as if I'd pay $1500 for a piece of software on a $600 device... Hah!
Okay, that's reassuring. Different from my old HP iPaq. When we had two iPaqs, the HP laptop would NOT accept more than one! It was tightly tethered, and griped when a second one attempted to mate with it. Identified by some other means than iPaq name.
When iPad2 comes out, we're thinking also to get one for my mother-in-law. Will I be able to sync (or, should I say simply, maintain and download apps for) my iPad, and hers also, on my MBP? (As you might guess, I'd prefer not to go to the expense of buying her a laptop in addition to her iPad: we're not rich folk. And I'd like to maintain her iPad myself.)
I have two CDs for which this has happened. (FWIW, I tried trashing the albums and re-importing: no luck.) One of the albums is "So Far" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. The other is "Works" by Chick Corea. With "So Far", the second song comes in as a separate "album" (the album has the same name). At the end of the song, continuation does not occur to the next song in the album. Playing the first song in the album, at end, continues with the third. iTunes shows the...
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