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His having made this grandiose claim (which rings familiar), I shall be curious as to wheter AAPL ever comes out with a smaller iPad-type device (bowing to market pressure). At which point I shall giggle. (Cheaper netbook? Hehehe: close call, not exactly, but dangerously close.)
So long as SJ hasn't set this thing up for a walled-garden iOS, it could be a hot item!
Ditto that: I'm utterly surprised that "Major sticking points in negotiations between Verizon and Apple" wasn't simply the issue of the Verizon logo somewhere (at least once) on the iPhone.
I see the rumored MBA (as rumored) as filling the gaping void between iPad and MBP. I've thought of plenty of reasons I won't buy an iPad... and the MBA-as-rumored would fix them, were it a box at a reasonable price. Of course, SJ and his band could well muck up the design or the running environment...\ I look forward to this little wonder.
Did AAPL ever settle with VZN the argument over AAPL's not allowing a VZN logo on an iPhone?
(I guess I haven't logged into Appleinsider for awhile. I thought I recalled a little more civilized debate than I'm seeing this time, but I fully expect someone to gripe at me for saying I don't see it now.) \ So what do you folks think? I was very interested in a CNet news article I saw yesterday in which was estimated an iPhone recall would cost $1.5 billion, versus the very puny cost of $29 per phone for a free case for current owners. I was further interested in...
So, Spencer Webb says, "And efficient transmission and reception while being held by a human hand are simply not design requirements!" Am I the only one who finds this out-of-line for a phone designer? I think back to the article "The iPhone is the worst phone in the world" http://is.gd/d5zjn
In fact, fans not audible at all. I've seldom heard fans, except occasionally when I've run the Disk Utility. (I'm not a heavy user.)At the times when this happens, often, the only things running are, the usual Finder of course, the Browser, Yahoo! Messenger, (now I'm looking at the top bar), Growl, Evernote, iAntivirus, Airport (for the router)...that's about it. I install Webkit "nightly".
For the past two days, I've met up with keyboard hangs. The cursor won't respond, for awhile, to trackpad taps or scrapes. Letter key presses produce no immediate on-screen result. (This is happening now and then as I type this post!) Quite annoying. Occurs in both Firefox and Webkit. MacOSX 10.6.3. MacBookPro 15", purchased 1/09 Browser restart, system boot, no help. Is this likely a hardware problem deserving a trip to the repair store?
To me, it's obvious from this thread that the iPad is in no way intended to be a person's sole "computer", no matter how simple that person's computer needs may be. It appears the only means of backup for an iPad is via iTunes, ¿qué no? Which says to me the iPad needs a "real computer" joined-at the hip for its life-span, and cannot be backed up e.g. to a thumb drive via adapter or to a cloud database... So, I'm stupid for having thought so. Please in replying here,...
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