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Okay, when I got TinkerTool to help me find the booger, sure enough, it's a hidden file. I'm enough of a frosh not to know how, to turn off the hidden bit of a file. So what I've done is much as what you've suggested: delete the hidden file; create a new file by a different name; and rename the new file. Yes, overkill, perhaps. It worked. Thank you, very much, for your very kind, patient, and gracious help!
As stated in my question: (1) It doesn't show up in Spotlight and I *KNOW* the file exists because: (2) I get prompted to *replace* the --existing-- file when I attempt either to File==Save As the same filename from BBEdit OR download a file by the same name using an FTP program!
I have a folder containing htm files for a client. One of the files is contact.htm which is a contact form. The file doesn't show up in Finder. Thus, I can't call it up in BBEdit. I've tried: (1) Viewing the source of the online version, copying it into a blank (new) file in BBEdit, then "Save As" contact.htm ...the result is a prompt from BBEdit, asking whether I want to replace the existing file. I say, Yes. The file STILL doesn't appear in Finder. (2)...
Your solution, of course, is right on.
It doesn't bother ME, but mi esposa finds it quite annoying, so I'd like to help her. It doesn't show up in Preferences (e.g., Appearance, Desktop, Displays, Energy Saver...) that I can see, so I'm begging for your help: The screen darkens after a few moments of inactivity. It lightens, of course, upon a mere touch of the trackpad. But the darkening (for mi esposa) often interrupts reading of, for example, a screen's worth of a long magazine article, or viewing of a...
I have a favorite album, and I'd like to share it with a friend. At the iTunes store, I'm able to type ONE WORD into the iTunes search bar, and the album shows up in the first row of search results! For my friend, the album is not to be found in search results! Has this ever happened to anyone else? The solution for me would be: is there a way to send, to my friend, a direct link to a location for the album in the iTunes store? (FWIW the album is Milt Jackson's...
DITTO THAT, pard. GRRR... My Motorola Adventure has a red button on the side that activates "Get-it-now" at a moment's notice, even when the danged phone's in my pants pocket. It'll eventually drain the battery to nil. There's a button on the other side that's supposed to "lock the keypad", but constant pressure on it also "unlocks the keypad." Guess what happens!Anyway, how long will it be, before EVERY phone $VERIZON$ $ell$ qualifies for a must-have-the-data-plan $ervice? \
And I sense there has been some case of taking the low road rather than a side. But, of course, the bottom may be said to be one of the sides of the whole of any solid. Such as the issues at hand. I'm not convinced that AT&T is up to snuff as a provider of adequate PHONE service. I think that was well proved at CES. I think it has been proved where I live. I think, further, the i*Phone has poor voice quality, is difficult to hear, and the glossy keyboard is difficult to...
Can you hear me now?
While I agree the iPhone may be superior as a SMART phone...I don't think it would perform as well as a PHONE. I don't think I could HEAR mi esposa very well while I'm standing in a windy place trying to speak with her (in our area), nor she me: I speak from experience, pard. Nor would I be able to see well to dial her number: I've looked at my iPod Touch's face often enough to know that. Got it?
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