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Can you hear me now?
While I agree the iPhone may be superior as a SMART phone...I don't think it would perform as well as a PHONE. I don't think I could HEAR mi esposa very well while I'm standing in a windy place trying to speak with her (in our area), nor she me: I speak from experience, pard. Nor would I be able to see well to dial her number: I've looked at my iPod Touch's face often enough to know that. Got it?
While I agree the iPhone may be superior, for separate reasons, I won't buy one. Here are mine, and someone among you many *experts* may pick on me as appropriate. (1) About a third of the way through the article, I began to feel it was a whining non-objective attempt to justify every little difference between iPhone and every conceivable smartphone in existence. I was tempted not to read on. I look forward to to objective reviews from such places as (IMO) eopinions,...
Duhhhh... \(Which is to say, thank you. That helps!)
I can't seem to manage it. I've missed some very *basic* step in the process. When I open settings for music, I select more than one song. Invariably, when I begin playing the slideshow, the music begins with the *last* selected song, and never even cycles back to the first! This occurs whether I select two or more, and whether I select in a sequence or (using command) out-of-sequence. Obviously I'm missing one thing and/or another. What?
When I use command+shift+4 to outline a screen area and snapshot it, I get a pop-up error message saying: "Your screen shot can't be saved. You don't have permission to save files in the location where screen shots are stored." I have not idea where this location is, how to change it, or how to change permissions. I have other add-on means to take screen shots: jing, evernote, screenshot plus... They'll certainly suffice. I'd certainly like to know about the built-in...
I think it's not just a weird nothing... I think it's as he described above, a reaction to an "incorrect password" (weird as it seems when FB tries to fill in the blanks with their danged hints). Try as I might, I haven't managed to get Safari to store a userid/password and plop it into the logon sequence. However, you might have some luck if you go in through the "lite" route: http://lite.facebook.com (It gives you the "compressed" version of FB and you can finagle your...
...Maybe it's because the FB folks prefill the fields with the "grayed" hints "Email" and "Password" and those, of course, aren't correct. As you say. And I need to figure how to get Safari to force-feed the info before the page appears. Likely impossible!
Happens with no userid/password saved, no userid/password entered. FWIW I DO have owner's privileges on that FB page. Maybe I should finger out how to get Safari to save userid/password.
This doesn't prevent Safari from working, but, I'm just posting to find out whether anyone else had run into it. I tried on both Safari and the latest Webkit nightly. Upon loading the Facebook site, the page shakes, quickly and quite noticeably, left and right once or twice, then settles into place. I haven't seen this happen on any other website. FWIW, the behavior occurs on http://www.facebook.com but NOT on http://lite.facebook.com ...The lite screen doesn't...
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