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In Firefox, it's simply a matter of specifying, in the Applications tab of the Preferences menu, that Yahoo! mail is to handle all "mailto:" links. (Previously, I had specified that Gmail was to handle "mailto:" links, so it works that way, too.) I DO NOT have Yahoo! premium, so that's NOT the issue. I do NOT have an Applescript, so that's NOT the issue. Is there another method, for Safari, through which I may specify that "mailto:" links are to be handled via an online...
An EXTREMELY small annoyance. Safari (and Webkit nightly) for me had very smooth scrolling - the best of all! Of late, it seems to have become just a bit shaky and rattly on many pages (e.g., Twitter, Yahoo!, Techmeme, all with multiple links). Probably a buffering problem. For now, I've switched to Firefox, where this problem seems not to occur. Has anyone else noticed this? FWIW: MacOSX 10.6.1, all the latest updates; Webkit 4.0.3 (at the moment 63519 r48794)
I like to add the "Add new tab" button to my toolbar. I add it, between the Home button and the Address bar, upper left. (I'm just a lazy cuss...ok?) So, I add it, via Customize. Then, when I restart Webkit (either to reload the latest nightly, or to shutdown at night as I always do...or whatever...) the "Add new tab" button is invariably gone. Is this normal behavior? (MacOSX 10.6.1, latest Webkit, no extensions/plugins FWIW)
Inquisitor no longer works, of course. In fact, not only did it not work, but I had to remove it (all traces) and Google Gears from InputManager and other places in order to get Webkit/Safari to make nice to Twitter! Go figger.\ So is there any other possible nice clean way to get an ASE? Inquisitor was nice, providing a choice on the fly, but I suppose, placing just Bing there would be satisfying enough for now.
...with the spate of enthusiastic censorship Apple has recently piled upon iPhone apps, I strongly hesitate. It detracts from the tablet's usefulness in the extreme. Software stagnation!
I suppose "obstructionist" is more inflamatory than "flacks" and "rhetoric", so excuse me, I'm sure. And Apple's survival on hardware, without Google's investment in Safari software, is assured. I'm sure most modern browsers support the semantic advances of html5 (
(...and I agree with JavaCowboy's post) 1. The article said, "Mozilla's entire Firefox business model revolves around Google paying it around $50 million a year to direct search queries its way." I might ask, whose search do we see in the Safari toolbar? 2. In this whole affair, is not Apple's firm stand, refusing to negotiate on ANY terms, as obstructionist as Microsoft? Please oh please read the OTHER specs of HTML5. It, along with CSS3, offers huge performance...
Upgradeable to 8G? Lots of resource there, for me. I think I may see a 13-inch MBP in my future, like SOON!
Okay, I'm a cheapskate.\ I'm trying to make a slideshow using the simple ditties in the Sample Music group supplied with iPhoto (and they're not listed in iTunes!). Each cut is a minute-or-so long. Fine with me. I'd like to have the slideshow rotate between cuts during the slideshow. Thing is, when I setting up music, and I select more than one cut: I also check "Repeat music". The result, invariably, is that the LAST cut selected plays over and over. None of the other...
Hoping this'll be an easy, quicky for you gurus out there/in here! I *have* an MBP an an iPod Touch living in harmony. I'd like to buy mi esposa an iPod Touch right away and, someday, when budget allows, an MBP. Question is, could I for now sync both her iPod Touch AND my iPod Touch with MY MBP (e.g., for syncing our 8 years of photos) and then, later, swap her iPod Touch over to her MBP? [Reason I ask is, unhappy experience in the Windoze world with HP iPaqs which...
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