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On my new MBP (3 months...) my keys have started sticking (repeating) very occasionally. I stop them with some great effort. When the MBP gets "in this mood" it seems a key will "stick" every five minutes or so, and even the cursor will occasionally have a spastic jerk. It should be noted, I have "sticky keys" disabled. Is this a matter for MBP service? Or...what?
...and through much research online, I finally fingered out how to use a Photoshop template to create an icon - I couldn't find the Apps icon (.icns file) lying around on the Mac!
Now, I have the FOLDER icon showing the A, but (yes, wasting your time...nitpickety me...) is there a way to get the nifty A alone, without the surrounding folder, analagous to the way it appears in the sidebar of Finder?P.S. THANK YOU for the info about the reason for its appearance! I'm slowly learning all this!
I have seen this thread: http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=80449 ...and I *somewhat* deduce I cannot change the folder icon? In Finder, I see the folder listed with the usual "folder" icon. When a shortcut is made on the Finder sidebar, it appears with a more apt-looking A icon. Dragged to the dock, it appears as a golden binder with an @ sign, irritatingly similar to the "address book". Is there a way in which I may change the icon for the docked...
I think I will come to my senses and let the much faster and sleeker Safari be my default browser. I even investigated Camino and Opera, which tied for second. Though much popular software is written SPECIFICALLY for the Firefox audience (and I'll keep a copy around), Firefox just can't beat Safari for sheer performance
Firefox (latest stable) and Leopard 10.5.2, scrupulously maintained brand new MBP, both pieces of software on auto-update. Firefox has several add-ons (like, Googlebar, download manager, weather, FireFTP, Sage, Web developer, colorful tabs,... I would think, relatively harmless stuff)
Apparently Yahoo! related. After awhile on Yahoo! (I dally with Yahoo! Answers), Firefox at first displays the page sans CSS, then becomes unresponsive to AJAX code on all sites (including Google and MSN). Eventually (I mean, after a few clicks) even clicks on links fail to respond. Purging the cache works for awhile. System reboot works for awhile. The symptom returns. (The symptom doesn't appear on Safari.) I removed and re-installed Firefox. Is it possible that the...
Thanks very much for both! I'll bookmark the links!
OOops! I added an extra "Home page" icon for Safari...now I have two, cluttering the screen. I have no idea how to delete one. How? This, plus, if someone would kindly direct me to a good online user's guide or a good book for purchase that'll train me for such details, I may keep my butt off the board here, and quit cluttering this space with pickayuunee questions! (Makes me feel doltish!)
On my new MBP, seems, no matter how I set the speed of double-clicking, I can't get the track pad to let me double-click to move a window! Best I can do is, double-click to MINIMIZE. I know, that I can hold down the bar and drag with the touch pad, but I am given to understand, in the settings that one may also use double-tap to tap-drag a window then single-tap to lock the window back into place... What, perhaps, may I be doing wrong?
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