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Condolences to his family. Cancer sucks.
Screw you, Adobe, screw you. You will not be missed.
They hope component prices will come down... specifically SSDs and next-gen Intel processors, and probably displays to a lesser extent. I don't think ultrabooks will sell in large volume. The average selling price of a PC is under $700, and without a low-end model that cheap, they're doomed to a niche market. The only non-Apple computers that can command high prices are extremely powerful machines like high-end workstations and gaming rigs.
It's only sad if he's on his deathbed. That's one possibility. Another possibility is that he's not (immediately) dying, and wants to enjoy a little retirement. Who wants to work all their life, right? Steve isn't a slave in the Apple mines. Retirement is a happy thing. Without further information we have no way of knowing. Regardless, this is it for Steve as CEO. "Execute our succession plan" is pretty final language. __ The Wednesday announcement strikes me as odd,...
Crucial makes good RAM, but their customer support is what makes them great. They'll replace a module no questions asked. And they actually make the RAM they sell, as Crucial is the retail brand of Micron. Their budget brand, Rendition, is the exact same memory but without the support. If you avoid the "gamer" brands/product lines, it's really hard to buy bad memory.
They have to; aside from the competitive aspect, netbooks and thin notebook PCs without optical drives are becoming common. Big PC makers are probably itching for the death of the DVD drive, one of the most failure-prone components in a computer.
No, he's right. That $200 really, really matters. Not having a "real" notebook at the sub-$1000 price (less edu discounts) is going to hurt sales to students. There's no way around it. Some of them will buy airs instead, a few will cough up the extra cash for a pro, but some will look elsewhere.
No; that's not Apple's way (and, obviously, we can see that Apple's never going to produce a sub-$999 notebook now). But it's flat-out wrong to say that can't.
Not a surprise, but a bit of a disappointment. The Macbook air is a downgrade.
Other companies sell higher-specced machines for less. Apple would make a profit off the Macbook at $499.
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