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Hurry up already - I need the new 4K Apple Cinema display.
Make the thing in black - give me a real colour choice. Ali looking dated.
Not around my house. iOS will be on the way out and will be replaced by Android. OS X will still be the dominant desktop (oldskool style). This is because I feel like I've been staring at the same operating system for about four years. I fancy a change, I'll possibly be back in the futre but Apple need to be a bit more exiting. Bland ads, samey looking phones, deleting my apps (youtube and google maps - let me choose!) to name a few. Couple this with a crappy new store,...
Obviously PhotoShopped.
I'm getting a Nexus 7 and I'm an Apple hardware fan boi. Reason? Price, Size, Portability.   I dropped Apple's iCloud in favor of a mix of Dropbox and Google Drive. I use Gmail, Docs, Maps, YouTube, Finance, News, Calendar and dare I admit it - G+, so I guess I'll get a lot of use out of the 7" blighter at not much out-lay. £299 would kill it for me, so maybe this time I'll Think Different.
Will iOS 6 be made of Liquid Metal?
Just give me tons of storage. Like dropbox/google. Oh and quick servers.
I like G+, I like Facebook and I like Twitter. To me, they are like different television channels where it's the content I'm consuming - not the brand of station.    I wish they had added Hangouts and G+Pages to the iOS version.   Another improving item would be to be able to +1 to any one of your G+Pages - this should be introduced for the web browser G+ +1 buttons too.
When I watched the film, I'm sure Justin Timberlake told Zucks to drop the "The" out of Facebook.
I want a keyboard with ground in bogies and splashes of tea all over it. Oh hang on... I've already got one.
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