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How secure (encrypted?) is the wireless Apple keyboard in avoiding eavesdropping?   Thanks.
  Questioning the premise isn't helpful. The question at hand is how to underclock the cpu.       This is helpful. Thanks for your focus. Appreciated :)
The intent in underclocking is to reduce the heat generation, thus avoiding the excessive discomfort associated with near burns on my laps. I believe routine usage such as web browsing and emailing shouldn't heat up my laptop, thus my search for underclocking.
Is there a way to underclock the MBP so it runs cooler (and slower)?   This is a late 2008 MPB Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz running Snow Leopard.   I appreciate your help.       (/edit: changed the date from 2009-->2008)
hmmmmm Please share with us what you know of this product. Here's what I know (here I snapped the screen of the link above):/edit: added some precision about the figure.//edit (again): Oh... I see... There is indeed a precision on the box. Thanks for pointing it out to me.///edit (again): Not interested in jailbreak. I assumed it was implied, but now I'm spelling it out.
I just can't believe this. It may be exactly what I'm looking for..From the description, it says "Ideal to read / write files on USB flash disk or SD / TF card with it"I'm going to research that one..Thanks Aquatic for such a precise find /edit: Thanks everyone for all your help.
I do appreciate the information. I'm afraid I can't possibly imagine WiFi access everywhere I go \ That's just my awkward reality. As you say, I may be out of luck indeed. This is so unfortunate as my issue is the only roadblock for me to acquire, use and enjoy a third-gen iPad. Sadly I'll have to let go of this prospect. I'll look for an alternative device then. Hint: If there anybody out there builds a third-party interface of some sort for (full size) USB flash drives,...
I'm about to purchase an iPad HD. The sole issue standing in the way has to do with data transfer. At a business meeting last week, a pdf presentation was passed around on a thumb drive (full size USB of course). The sole person not having access to the data had a WiFi-only iPad. The onsite WiFi service was inaccessible to this person due to security/proprietary access issues. Is there a portable hardware (not a laptop, please) one may bring along that allows to...
What is the weather forecast in South Florida, next Sunday (of course)? I cought myself using my iPhone to answer this question instead of using my laptop (unibody MacbookPro, Oct 2009). Seconds later I carried on with my conversation. Instinctively I used my iPhone instead going through the trouble of booting up my laptop. It was on/off in an instant. Time to get to the home screen (not scientific measurements): - my iPhone: 5 seconds - my laptop: 64...
I presume people have discussed this topic ad noseum already.. I don't know. As far as I can tell, Flash provides for a rich experience on the web for the likes of me. Curiously when I inadvertently disabled Flash on my web browser I lost some animated ads on some web pages I visited. That was a happy coincidence. It also means I will not see those annoying, undesirable animated ads on the iPad. In fact, I would hope it stays this way How critical is it to have...
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