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Addictive? How about boring, simple little game.
I don't need lots of new features, but I would pay a reasonable amount to upgrade the suite every couple years if they used the old licensing model.   I will never buy into their new model.   Adobe has alienated quite a few creatives I know.
Is the Mac Pro line going the way of the Space Shuttle? I hope that's not the case.
So true.
This has been my feeling too that they are slowly abandoning the high-end market, and the trend shows it. I do a bit of 3D work, so multiple cores are really ideal. But I had been contemplating going to the PC more and more for this kind of work. It's unfortunate since I love working on the Mac.
The logo looks like a student did it. Whether it infringes or not, the designer should really go back and put in a few hours more work on it.
I remember seeing their booth at this year's MacWorld, and it was pretty much empty, if that's a sign of anything. I love InDesign and the PDF workflow. I could never go back. But I do wish Adobe would address little bugs that seem to run across several versions, and not just implement new features.
What bugs?I got the first generation PB G4 17" (the first aluminum laptop), and it still works flawlessly since I bought it in 2003.And doesn't Apple provide a warranty for their products if something goes wrong?"Prototype" is not the word I would use for it as some are erroneously referring to it. It is innovative and you will see the technology advancements propagate to their other lines.If you wait, you will be waiting a while...
That's my guess. And hopefully the new 10.5.2 before then.
NAB seems the place to announce a Shake replacement...or maybe even Siggraph. I don't think it will be part of Studio 3 with Motion already in it.
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