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Bought a Mophie battery once...expensive and poor performance. Now I've got an Anker Astro with twice the capacity for $18. I guess if Mophie sent me one for free I'd be happy and write a something nice about it.
 Neither of you came out of that well though.
It's à la not ala. Learn to speaky Frenchy.
that video like lasts totally longer than like the battery in like my 5S.
Have they fixed the annoying display-dimming thing in Control Centre on the iPad. Makes setting the specific level of brightness a pain if watching a video with someone else in the dark and you want to find a good brightness that suits you both and the content. Oh, and wonder if the Touch ID with 'Reduce Motion [on]' crashing is fixed...
Do you mean a 'riveting machine' like this?
There are many, many cooler things in Japan than this.
Robots don't whinge as much as Americans?
I'm wondering how to rack mount it for location use, i.e. concert touring video production?
Hmmm... association with Burberry isn't all to positive on this side of the pond: Google image search: 'Burberry chav' Although it's perceived rather more positively in Asia.
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