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Perhaps this is a good time to mention what a disappointment Apple News is. Is it supposed to be learning what I like? I can't tell. But there's so much garbage. I'm wishing I could swipe left swipe right a la Tinder to teach it what articles I like and which I don't. It's not enough to pick publishers. Even within a magazine or newspaper there are the things I read and things I don't.
This is beautiful. I like the sleekness, I like the color. Really like the round. $99 sounds great, and 6 months battery too. I can definitely live without a screen, which I didn't realize until seeing the video on their site. Only, the killer-est app for wrist is initiating/answering calls and initiating/answering texts. This device does neither. I like that it tracks sleep. Waterproof is also great. But without the calls/texts thing it doesn't make a ton of sense to me.
9.0 hasn't been too stable for me. Wifi calling keeps dropping speaker when it switches back and forth. I've had a few apps crash, and some weird lags where I need to wait seconds for text to finally appear on the screen after being typed. And this on an iPhone 6. If it's not better with 9.1 I suppose I'll do a clean install...
This works because people tend to think of their "old" phone as having little value. It's a weird thing about ownership. Once you own something you have it forever free, so it seems free to the average person.
Allow multiple login accounts like Mac. Each has different wallpaper, apps, settings, etc. make it so only on new iPads and watch the families like mine upgrade. Until then, whatever. Our gen 2 iPad works just great for the movies and apps we use.
My excitement for a stylus extends to one use-case only: handwriting in calendar in full-month view, with space for notes in the side (perhaps using the multitasking shown). This alone will have me waiting in line for the iPad Pro.
For sleep tracking I imagine a comfortable band with minimal electronics and battery that you would wear through the night. When you attach it the data would be transferred to the watch.
How long until each key gets a tactic engine under it? 3 years? 5? By then there will be no throw at all.
Your iOS device will hold thumbnails. When you select an image it is downloaded from the cloud. There is an option to do this on your Mac too, but you can also choose to keep a full copy of all images in the Mac.
Too chunky. But the smaller might work.
New Posts  All Forums: