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I thought the cpu was 50% faster and the GPU was 83% faster...
Are these your first impressions upon reading and regurgitating the press release, or reading and regurgitating the Apple.com website? Seriously, hardly a one actual unscripted impression? Crappy journalism. I expected and was actually counting on more.
As I've said all along, Sapphire in the 6S and Liquidmetal in the 7. That said, I was totally wrong about liquidmetal in the Watch. I would have sworn it was going to be there in Version 1. Then again, I thought the watch would be about 1/3 the thickness of the one they introduced, so I was wrong on both accounts. Considering the iPhone 7 will be coming out in two years (note how the 7 is an upside down "L" btw), I have to think that Watch 3 will probably be much...
The way you describe this it sounds like hackers just need to get the encryption key and the candy store's open. Also, if the person slides their card and the real. Umber is sent to the bank, then what's to preserve the security of the number? Either I'm understanding wrong, or you're explaining wrong, or else it doesn't seem that great.
Ironically you're the self righteous one here. I'm saying that no one had a right to their stuff. If I leave my door unlocked it's not my fault my house got robbed. No one has a right to come into my house.
He had me until the last line. He's more outraged than the actresses who had their accounts pried open and their personal data stolen and spread all over the internet for every slimy person on earth to salivate and worse over. Um, yeah. No. I don't think so. One step too far Apple PR. Can you please pull your heads out of your holes?
Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahahaaaa... Man, that's hahahaha so ugly.
Interesting how the Apple sites are oddly silent on the Hollywood stars data breach... Everyone falling into line? Makes me wonder if these are real Apple news/rumors sites or just official mouthpieces. 9 to 5 Mac has two articles on it already.
Maybe you can charge it on your wrist and get an MRI at the same time!
The four batteries only last six months? Forget it. Last thing I want to be doing is trying to remember to change my deadbolt batteries in multiple doors multiple times a year.
New Posts  All Forums: