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Maybe he's been hired for the specific job of preparing retail for the new products to which Tim has so frequently alluded.
Elysium is the gospel, not a political hack job. The station is heaven, the defense secretary is satan, Krueger is a demon, Max is Jesus who is imprinted with the code to open heaven to all -- to make all citizens of heaven where there is no aging or death, but the code is within him and he must die for it to work. The scene of his bleeding palms should have been enough for anyone to get it. ... So I'm not really sure what you're talking about as far as a political hack job.
Lol. It was a suggestion to him regarding the object of his discontent. Sorry if that was confusing.
Media sells story. Story always has drama — the noble king humbled, the peasant who becomes a lord, the evil villain who succeeds but everyone believes deserves to fail, the pure of heart upstart who fails but everyone hopes will succeed. We're not reading or watching reality, we're all consumers of stories. This article refers to folks choosing a compelling storyline and spinning out the drama. Enjoy the fiction and move on.
I question how this would work in practice. Those lenses are gigantic compared to the thickness of an iPhone. There's no way you'll put it on and leave it there forever. Therefore you'll be left dragging around a thick lens and assembly for the moments you decide to attach it... So why not actually carry around a sleek point and shoot in those cases instead? Sounds kind of ridiculous as a product, I think.
Which way's the wind blowing, hey Charlie?
Yes, but not among things that are essential. For example, it will do email. You wouldn't leave that out as a differentiator.   The question to ask, I would suggest, is what would the fingerprint sensor allow, and would that be a perk or essential for key operations? If it's just to have an easy way to unlock your phone by making one touch instead of a press-slide-and-four-touches, well then the 5C won't have the fingerprint tech. But what if it's required for sending...
Ten bucks says the 5C gets the fingerprint scanner, too.
They make a good case in those particular shots. I'm pretty happy with the iPhone 5 pic quality. That said, comparing the shots in this commercial the knock-ia shots are better. I had no idea they did Zeiss lenses, motion blur and action shots. Those are all very cool.
Tapable areas that go to the very edge of the screen make my brain wonder if there's more there that I can't see because the screen edge has obscured it. Tappable buttons with clearly defined edges remove this doubt. Less elegant? Maybe, I'm not sure. But definitely better IMHO.
New Posts  All Forums: