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No way they've let this many cases go missing.
Can someone exain why updating their server software is necessary? Surely the world's biggest and most prestigious software company wouldn't have been running outdated software on their servers, would they?
Yep. I've never used a case before the 5. And I hate it on the 5. Like completely. But the 5 is too light, too slippery and too fragile to not encase it in Carbonite. Here's hoping for liquidmetal and sapphire!
I agree with ppietra, above. Surely it would use one lens but with two sensors. Very cool!
Duplicate post
It's always listening, huh? Sounds like a nightmarish feature when combined with Android's gaping security holes.
Sounds like something a loser says to make it sound like they're still in the game. They might be having plenty of talks, but Apple's made it clear they want anyone but Samsung making their parts and anyone but google providing content, except when said excellence makes them the only game in town.
"One Microsoft" is sort of a cool tagline. It's got some inspiration, calling all people and teams to integrate... "One Microsoft All the Time" is ridiculous. They took something sort of inspired and destroyed it by overreaching and needlessly complicating... But then that's what they do, isn't it?
Really? You think a single dot indicating you have one event scheduled somewhere in a day is helpful? You really don't have things happening every day? Kids sports, meetings, school events, birthday parties? Not at least one such thing per day? Sounds like you're bragging about your easy breezy life. For me a dot telling me a day has something -- something-- at some time is worthless clutter. Again, personal preference.
I think the dots in calendar are stupid. My personal opinion. Does anyone really have days without events? I don't. And when every day has a dot none of them may as well have.
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