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iOS is seeming old fashioned to me. More and more is annoying me. Like why am I always getting n's and m's between words. Can't the OS learn to give me one more millimeter on those letters? Or for God's sake, when I type, "thisnisnreallynannoying" how hard is it to see that the n's should be spaces? Also, the icons on the home screen -- I hate the way they act when you're trying to move them around. And the auto-dimmer. In the initial iOS 6 it was all the way...
If it was any good it would have built the audience it needed... especially in the high-politics run up to a presidential election. The gimmicky headlines were AWFUL after the first one or two you read. Got old real fast. Also the gossipy angle. Too gossippy to be useful to news people, perhaps too newsy to be useful to gossip readers. A failed experiment.
Good effing riddance AT&T. I dropped you last Friday just like I said I would on this and other forums, and when talking to two of your managers. You treated me like I was your slave, so don't be shocked by rebellion. I don't expect to look back. Btw, it was a hard decision. I gave you every chance to treat me like a valued customer. But after five years and how many thousands of dollars paid you... Forget it. Have fun. I'm outtie.
Think that's awesome? LiquidMetal bounced back 45.45% just today. And praise God, finally I got in at the bottom of something and made a quick buck. For those wondering, it hovered at $.35 when people thought the iPhone 5 might have LQMT components. Then it tanked to $0.10, which was where it was when I bought it. Today it opened at $.11 and closed at $.16. I still say it's in the cards. If there's an iPhone 5S, I'll be the 6 uses lqmt for the frame at least, maybe...
I remember fondly the time I got an email back from Steve telling me I was wrong. I'd said that using Mother Theresa's image on their home page on the days after she died was tasteless and something she would have detested -- having her image and her death used to puff up a computer company and garner attention. "Your wrong on this" was how the email reply began. He went on to say she'd agreed to be part of their Think Different campaign. I wish I'd kept the email, but...
Ha! Nice.
Man, I loved that guy and he didn't know me from Adam. I'm inspired by him every day, and my field is far, far away from microcomputing.  God bless you, Steve.                                 Picture taken last year, one week after his passing.  
This plus iPad mini plus my truck equals something mighty fine. Do they make airplay car speakers yet?
Seems like a great candidate for a software fix.
It's essential to the usefulness of the iPhone, therefore Apple should own the property. The End.
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