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Looks excellent.
What do they do about the camera?
I'm using Photoshop CS3 for my meager photo editing needs. I like the history with snapshots, layers (not usually masks), feather and inverse on selections, and auto color balancing... Does Pixelmator offer better ways of doing the above than PS-CS3?
Looks laaaame.
912.3 on iphone5
Are you serious? How tall of skill does it take to follow a chain of replies? IPHONE to IMAC. Don't answer for my sake, I know the answer, thus the well intentioned initial reply before all the cranks came out to play.
You guys are so clever. Say I'm in your living room and I want to send a picture to your Mac. How many steps?
Just too many steps, not hard, but too many steps.  In the share zone there should be an "airdrop" option.  I click it and a window pops up on my mac (a la iChat file sharing) that says, "Bob's iPhone has sent you an image.  Would you like to download it?  I click "Yes" and boom, there's the file.
It's shameful that I can't airdrop a picture from my iPhone to my imac. Maybe the wireless sharing of pics over a network will free them to let me squirt my pictures easily and freely.
The apple site says:Higher-fidelity sound and a larger soundstage.Even though the iMac enclosure is thinner than ever, the new built-in speakers deliver higher-fidelity sound than before. So when you’re listening to that new album, watching the latest flick, or playing your favorite action game, you’ll get immersive sound and a surprisingly wide soundstage.So that's bullocks?
New Posts  All Forums: