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I think the dots in calendar are stupid. My personal opinion. Does anyone really have days without events? I don't. And when every day has a dot none of them may as well have.
Every time I see someone pull out an S4 I'm stunned. Sorry, but it's true. The way they tapered the sides with the silver it looks way thinner and more elegant than the iPhone brick. Also I think the screen proportions are different. I like them better. The gigantic size I could take or leave, but I'm not surprised it's a hit.
Wow. No apple leaks. Weird. Neat software from adobe. I don't use it, but the screenshots are impressive.
I haven't used passbook once. The whole experience just feels odd to me. Having a wallet I don't understand that might automatically open unbeknownst to me when I arrive places sounds... Like something I'd rather not deal with.
Hear a song, click a button, you just bought it in iTunes.
And to be fair, Thunderbolt is really more future-resistant.
But USB is past-proof.
Yeah. Nothing like a fountain pressed into the shadow of a massive building, six feet from a sheer wall of stone. What's the big deal?
My god, it's full of stars... Oh wait, those are $'s -- my mistake.
I'm looking forward to seeing if they use liquidmetal as the frame material. A tiny bit would offer great strength and mitigate the need for machining...
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