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Ten bucks says the 5C gets the fingerprint scanner, too.
They make a good case in those particular shots. I'm pretty happy with the iPhone 5 pic quality. That said, comparing the shots in this commercial the knock-ia shots are better. I had no idea they did Zeiss lenses, motion blur and action shots. Those are all very cool.
Tapable areas that go to the very edge of the screen make my brain wonder if there's more there that I can't see because the screen edge has obscured it. Tappable buttons with clearly defined edges remove this doubt. Less elegant? Maybe, I'm not sure. But definitely better IMHO.
No way they've let this many cases go missing.
Can someone exain why updating their server software is necessary? Surely the world's biggest and most prestigious software company wouldn't have been running outdated software on their servers, would they?
Yep. I've never used a case before the 5. And I hate it on the 5. Like completely. But the 5 is too light, too slippery and too fragile to not encase it in Carbonite. Here's hoping for liquidmetal and sapphire!
I agree with ppietra, above. Surely it would use one lens but with two sensors. Very cool!
Duplicate post
It's always listening, huh? Sounds like a nightmarish feature when combined with Android's gaping security holes.
Sounds like something a loser says to make it sound like they're still in the game. They might be having plenty of talks, but Apple's made it clear they want anyone but Samsung making their parts and anyone but google providing content, except when said excellence makes them the only game in town.
New Posts  All Forums: