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Aux ports typically only allow left/right stereo, with no rear channel, etc., as they're basically just headphone ports. Aux is no solution for excellent sound. I agree car makers can't be the linchpin in this exercise. There has to be a way to make an end run around them. Thus my questions about how to integrate into the sound system, hook it up, etc. It's tricky enough that maybe it'll never happen. But the area is so ready for vast improvement, it would be a...
Sorry dude/ette. You're correct about the above, I'm sure. I was reacting more to the "frog" part of your comment.
Ironically, we're now thinking the same about you...
I'm convinced they're going to make a new product for automobiles. An Apple 7" touchscreen on the dashboard with a non-beta Siri and Maps would be killer. Have it automatically sync with iCloud and iMatch and pull anything from iOS devices in range and you've got a product no one can match. Add to that the fact that current audio/map interfaces in cars ALL SUCK. Now you've got a winner. I wonder if they would come out with some way to link to your current car...
I badly want an Apple soul-ution for my car. So how about the 7.x screens are for a car iCenter, and when they debut that later this year they also debut the traffic program??? What do you think?
Let's think: iSet iMark iZine iLet iPort iLot iNet ...
I disagree with everyone. This guy can pull off the intensity and soul searching part. As for being interesting in the later chapters, that's where it would have to be breakout. Any actor would relish the challenge. We'll see if he can do it.
Yeah, siri's a real gem: "when do fig trees get figs?". I can't find any arboretums near you. "call Saint James". Your reminder for July 25 has been set. "remind me all week at 2 pm about Larry's birthday". Here's your reminder. What day should I set it? "All week at 2 pm!". When should I set it? A teenager at my church recently told me, "My Siri hates me." Okay, it's beta. But let's all agree it's not at all smart.
Instill say it needs a "teach" feature. When siri gets it wrong you should be able to correct it and thus help the database along. With pronouncing, too: "Say it like this siri..."
I think you're looking for "sound check". It normalizes volume across all songs. Look for it in preferences.
New Posts  All Forums: