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I think you're looking for "sound check". It normalizes volume across all songs. Look for it in preferences.
Yeah, come to think of it, it's probably the smart cover. When I ordered I noticed the smart cover was estimated to ship within 2-3 days. The iPad said March 16. I got an email yesterday for shipping. I saw it briefly on my phone before it disappeared! How does that happen? Couldn't find the email later for the life of me.
Probably he was trying to find the word "iPod". Just moments earlier he spoke of three post-of devices being iPod, iPhone, iPad. I noticed his hesitation then figured he had one of those moments where his third item was on the tip of his tongue but couldn't find it.
Well give us your login password then!
iPhD. Should sell well to the academic crowd. Quiz: What will the catchy Apple homepage phrase be? Seeing is... Unbelievable. Get in touch with your inner Amazing. Hold your breath. This screen doesn't suck. ...
Brainstorm: Could the incessant "iPad mini" screens actually be for... wait for it... Car stereos??? I'd kill for an apple car stereo that will AirPlay from the iPhone in my pocket without me having to noodle the phone. In fact, take the calls, too, and voice text. The only challenge I imagine is the many different kinds of stereo internals in cars... If that's actually true. If it's not an issue, it's a slam dunk.
When the case manufacturers produce tens of thousands of cases in packaging that says "x", the name is going to be "x". Here's how it works. Chinese Executive Y at case company Z has a cousin who works for plant W where item x is either being manufactured or the cases are being printed, or the item is being put into the cases and shipped. Executive Y calls his cousin and says, "Give me the name and the specs. We need to build our cases." Lo and behold, they get the...
With all the talk about what the invite "means" I found myself thinking of the invite to the first iPad debut. "Come see our latest creation". It had splotches of color all over it... Like this one. Only these splotches in these photos look way hi-res in comparison.
What was the title of this article, again? "DEVELOPER SHOWS HOW TO PUMP INANE GAME INVOLVING WALKING BURGERS AND DONUTS"? Ah, I see. Right. Give me a break. Wow! Gee, hd looks better! Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles...
To announce they'll give a dividend they'll need to take into account the Apple news cycle. To have announced yesterday would have cast shadows over the pending iPad announcement. I predict they'll announce in May/June. It'll be smallish, I believe. 1-2% Moving the needle in the future will require huge investment. I think they should build up to 250 Billion before settling down and giving a larger percentage.
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