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I feel kind of weird reading Zaky's report card. Is that all this article is? What a waste.
Seems to me there's a good reason the input method has persisted for so long. If we really want to predict the future on text input we need to come up with another, better, silent method for getting the text you want on the screen. Speaking won't cut it. No one wants to bear you writing and editing your paper. So what would it be? Short of mind reading or tracking your eyes on the screen as the hover over letters, or ??? Typing will be around for a loooooong time.
How about a sheet of paper? Too thin to be useful? How about a clipboard? In ten years the MBA will be the thickness of a clipboard. It'll stand by itself and the camera will watch your fingers type on the tabletop and input the text. Then, maybe, it'll be thin enough. Maybe.
Goodbye lkrupp. We'll miss you.
I don't think this suite will go more than two years without an update, so a guess of any time up to January is pretty likely to be correct... And more likely by the day as the time span between now and then shortens.
I'd like to see an app that I can open And buy the daily paper for a quarter or fifty cents. I might even do that most days. Give me subscription options too and I'll be in heaven.
My marketing spidey-sense says: 1st: iPhone Only -- If you want FaceTime you have to buy an iPhone. 2nd: iPod touch -- If the iPhone didn't get you, if you want FaceTime you have to buy an iPod. 3rd: iPad II -- If iPhone/iPad didn't get you, if you want FaceTime you have to buy an(other) iPad. 4th: Mac -- If you want FaceTime on your computer, you have to buy a Mac. 5th: PC -- Okay, holdouts. Here's FaceTime for you, too. (By then you may be asked to subscribe...
Lke they did with the iPod?
This makes sense. Undoubtedly they'll go to an annual refresh cycle, and this move will set it into the right spot.
New Posts  All Forums: