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Um, not so hard. Apple released 7 versions of snow leopard and then made the 8th version lion. You got a 4. You got a 4S. Now you get a 5. Easy peasy.
What a feat. 1500 words about nothing!
Self-publishing would be great for many authors. It becomes difficult for consumers, though. How do they wade through the crappy content to find the good stuff? As for obstacles in the way, the major one would be the publishing houses themselves. They don't look too kindly on self-publishing. They could pull their support of iBooks, or more likely start dragging heels and making things more difficult for Apple in their deal-making. An interesting "one more thing",...
+1 Totally agree. I liked it better before.
I miss SL Expose's "all windows".
You write it by playing up the drama of each. Steve hits it big, then goes under, beaten by commodification. He returns to a world dominated by that demon in six incarnations: dominant mp3 players, phone makers, tablet nay-Sayers, etc. All on the scene, thriving. *Meanwhile he's going under with the company that was wounded (mortally?) by that same demon. He plays, he thinks, he prophesies. Then he starts swimming against the flow. One comes at him (or is he coming at...
Not a well written review. And the lady has never played angry birds (quote: a game where you use a slingshot to fire at angry birds). Tell me if it has poetry. Tell me if it inspires.
I asked it last week, "Siri, what time do the Tigers play tonight?" I meant the Detroit Tigers, of course, in the playoffs. Siri had no idea what I was talking about. Okay fine. So I got more specific, explaining baseball, saying playoffs, saying sports team. Nothing. Yeah, so more databases. I would think that sports schedules and scores would be an easy, useful, and obvious section of data to incorporate. Yes, I told apple at /feedback...
Keep in mind Siri could do all those things TWO YEARS AGO. God knows what it can do today, especially when paired with custom made hardware. I predict it becomes self-aware weeks before December 21, 2012.
New Posts  All Forums: