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Maybe a mini cube!!
Check out this slide... You see several voice features mentioned: - Option to speak text selection - VoiceOver action support - VoiceOver item choose Would these be benefitted from Siri, or require Siri to work at their best?
Josh Ong, Next time you want to put "should be taken with a grain of salt" in your piece DON'T!!! Seriously, you're making me crazy. It's in nearly every piece of yours and is never used entirely correctly. The phrase means "should be completely disregarded and given no thought at all.". In today's artie that's obviously not true because 1) you're reporting it, and 2) it's an Att rep saying it. So please please please never write that phrase again. And...
Wow! I love it. Thanks for the tip.
@ felipur You are the man! Wow. Nice posts. Thanks for sharing.
Excellent post! Welcome to AI.
Haven't you noticed the way several AI writers often drop in English idioms that don't quite work?"While the executive's comments should certainly be taken with a grain of salt...""Apple coyly refused to address some technical specifications...""Jobs' words rang true this spring when Motorola revealed a $799 price tag..."Not exactly wrong, but in every case Just a little off. This happens all the time in the writing on AI. It makes me think these writers are either not...
Suddenly the verizon iPhone debut makes some more sense. Some were wondering why they should buy an iPhone 4 when a new one was just 4 months away. Ah, not 4 months away. Also makes sense with the rumor about no iOS five till fall. We've gotta remember that not every rumor is an employee spilling beans against company wishes. Rumors are a well-established way for a company to manage expectations. I now definitely expect iPhone 5 with iOS 5 and not till late...
None of that is compelling to me, though. It all sounds nice, but I don't sense I have a need for faster, thinner, etc. I badly wanted an iPhone 4 because retina was huge, hd video was huge. I had high hopes for NFC, especially since the other day when I went through the mcdonalds drivethrough and ordered ice cream for ge whole family and then had forgotten my wallet at home. I had my phone right in my pocket, though. I can't tell you how strong my impulse was to wave my...
If this isn't in the iPhone 5 what can they do to make me buy one? I'm perfectly satisfied with my 4 in every way, including size, weight, gb, and cameras. If it's a faster processor so I can use GarageBand on my phone I'll pass, and it would be the first time ever that I haven't upgraded to the new iPhone. What else could the iPhone 5 deliver that would be compelling?
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