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I mean can Siri write emails and messages for you -- should it be allowed to? When? How directed must it be? Post on social media? Initiate phone calls? Rename files? Trash files?If so, it better be 100% accurate. And not hackable under any circumstances.And even assuming the above to be true, what level of power will freak people out anyhow? If Siri can do all the above will they be concerned that it'll go renegade and start emailing your boss and sending pictures to the...
There are lots of questions for Apple to answer on this one: should the OS constantly be listening? What power does Siri get to change things and undertake it's own tasks? Is it really useful to have a voice assistant? How powerful and smart does it need to be to save time instead of making more work for users to fix siri's mistakes? Lots of questions. But that knowledge navigator video still entices. That level of assistance seems like it would be so useful.
Interesting, the parts we see leaked and the parts we don't. I think these are put out or allowed by Apple. In the past sich parts have leaked, and not affected sales. But we don't see anything we can do anything with. Like an A8. Or a working display. Or a battery. Or a box. Or a camera lens. Mere coincidence? I think not.
It's awfully tough to perfectly bind liquidmetal to sapphire. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/05/27/apple-granted-patent-for-embedding-sapphire-displays-in-liquidmetal-iphone-chassis
If the iWatch were assembled in the USA that could also account for the delays we're hearing about. Sure took a while to get the MacPro plant running at high speeds. 
Busy October: iPhone, Yeosemite, iPayments, ??? In wondering if the iWatch/iPod/fitBand might be assembled in the USA. They really kept the lid onMac Pro rumors. Maybe the start of a new (and robotic) emphasis on US production. Also recall the US plant(s) making sapphire.
I still say it's a lock for the iWatch and the iPhone 6S. "S" always stands for something. In the 6s it'll be sapphire. No way it'll be on the iPhone 6. My prediction for liquidmetal also remains the same: iWatch, and iPhone 7.
God, when will we get a single login for all these channels? It's such a pain doing it one at a time...
I'd like to know how fast to drive between lights to always hit green. Would save gas, save brakes, get you there as quickly, and be a more pleasant experience for the lack of constant acceleration and deceleration. I know slow driving to get a green can be an inconvenience to those behind you who are going to turn at the next intersection instead of drive through, for example. But surely this is a solvable problem. This could actually being self driving cars one step...
To me the most interesting thing mentioned here is the piconet. A network of devices that all talk directly to each other without needing to ride wifi is really powerful and not matched by goog or msft as far as I know. It's a personal network of interconnected devices that can speak to the cloud or wider internet through a gateway device in the system (iPhone). This is how the handoff features of Yosemite and airplay features of the next appletv update work. It's really...
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