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AI, here's a little tip on good article writing: when you put an obscure term in the headline, define it in the article. FinFET = ???
Is it possible that all of these iPhone 6 leaks have actually been leaks of a 4.7" iPod instead, and that we have no idea what the 6 will look like?
I don't know why you guys doubt me. I told you months ago that sapphire would be in the cards for the 6s -- "s" for sapphire like it was security for 5s and Siri for the 4s. No way it's in the 6.
The 5.5 will be able to be thinner. But getting a decent lens will mean it protrudes. Also looks like no liquidmetal on the phone. I'm not buying the "it's in the logo" meme.
I mean can Siri write emails and messages for you -- should it be allowed to? When? How directed must it be? Post on social media? Initiate phone calls? Rename files? Trash files?If so, it better be 100% accurate. And not hackable under any circumstances.And even assuming the above to be true, what level of power will freak people out anyhow? If Siri can do all the above will they be concerned that it'll go renegade and start emailing your boss and sending pictures to the...
There are lots of questions for Apple to answer on this one: should the OS constantly be listening? What power does Siri get to change things and undertake it's own tasks? Is it really useful to have a voice assistant? How powerful and smart does it need to be to save time instead of making more work for users to fix siri's mistakes? Lots of questions. But that knowledge navigator video still entices. That level of assistance seems like it would be so useful.
Interesting, the parts we see leaked and the parts we don't. I think these are put out or allowed by Apple. In the past sich parts have leaked, and not affected sales. But we don't see anything we can do anything with. Like an A8. Or a working display. Or a battery. Or a box. Or a camera lens. Mere coincidence? I think not.
It's awfully tough to perfectly bind liquidmetal to sapphire. http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/05/27/apple-granted-patent-for-embedding-sapphire-displays-in-liquidmetal-iphone-chassis
If the iWatch were assembled in the USA that could also account for the delays we're hearing about. Sure took a while to get the MacPro plant running at high speeds. 
Busy October: iPhone, Yeosemite, iPayments, ??? In wondering if the iWatch/iPod/fitBand might be assembled in the USA. They really kept the lid onMac Pro rumors. Maybe the start of a new (and robotic) emphasis on US production. Also recall the US plant(s) making sapphire.
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