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To me the most interesting thing mentioned here is the piconet. A network of devices that all talk directly to each other without needing to ride wifi is really powerful and not matched by goog or msft as far as I know. It's a personal network of interconnected devices that can speak to the cloud or wider internet through a gateway device in the system (iPhone). This is how the handoff features of Yosemite and airplay features of the next appletv update work. It's really...
Every other iPhone they've made has had serious milling marks on the inside of the back. This one is clearly a forged or stamped piece instead. Why the difference all of a sudden? A December 2013 patent described making liquidmetal in float forges like glass is made so that it comes off the line in large flat thin sheets ready for stamping...
These back frames usually have lots of little grooves from being ground out from aluminum. This one does not. Proof of Liquidmetal?
A year and a half ago tCook was talking like iWatch could have a mid year debut. They're walking the razor' sedge on this. I don't fault them a bit. Make it great. I'd be disappointed, but I'd wait another year or two if I had to to get the device that's being rumored. Another few weeks is nothing.
Would this patent cover a sapphire all-around case? I like the dreaming shared above. But this patent seems focused on glass. That said, maybe it's part of a bigger plan. I've noticed over time that Apple seek to have all their products match aesthetically. It first occurred to me when the white plastic iMacs came out. I thought, It looks like a giant iPod, which at the time were white polycarbonate. So how about this: maybe the new aesthetic will be encased...
Maybe one version of the iWatch will literally look like a traditional watch in every way, but have Apple internals and sensors that speak to the iPhone?
Folks should remember that Liquidmetal's parent company are locked on success whether or not Apple uses the material. They're prototyping for 15-20 companies right now, and several of those are highly engaged, expecting to use the material in large scale production by 2016. That said, clearly "smaller and thinner" will reach a limit for Apple for aluminum. Eventually they will need a more rigid material, and ideally one that doesn't require extensive machining. Lqmt does...
Looking at my wife's gold, er champaign iPhone 5s it occurs to me that Apple's been working on creating a gold-replacement metal for fashion for some time, like for the iWatch. Apple will continually be so far ahead of Samsung they really don't have a prayer if the large screen iPhones come online.
Siri needs a grammar loop in that neural net. She makes dictation choices seemingly based on what words are used most often, not what makes sense. For example, in a dictation to a musician I said something like, "I really enjoyed hymn 345." Of course Siri made it "him 345." These mistakes happen all the time. It really hobbles the usefulness of dictation when you have to comb back over it and fix a problem every 10-15 words or so.
You're not anywhere near outlet or a vehicle or a charger all day every day? If so, you realize that puts you quite a bit out of the mainstream, right?
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