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 What I see is a tick-tock every-other-year process with iOS and OS X. One year is powerful under-the-hood changes. The next is focused on lots of important surface elements that make people's experience better, easier and more rich. Last year's OS X had huge performance tweaks, and the iOS moved entirely to 64-bit. A huge undertaking. So this year is the tock year. Still seems like the Leopard/SnowLeopard process to me.
Keeping software secret should be trivial for Apple. Any software inklings we get (e.g. Healthbook) are controlled leaks by the powers that be. Keeping hardware secret is a very different story.
I still think sapphire and lqmt are bound for the new iPod first (iWatch). My guess is the 6s gets sapphire and the iPhone 7 is finally amorphous metal, namely liquidmetal.
Hi foul mouth. Yes, this is how it works. They want people to be excited. To be bursting at the seams in anticipation. So one week before they drop key hints. Nothing's been given away. Quite to the contrary, more people than ever want to hear what the Apple solution might be. Wisen up. You can't believe the storyline you're being presented. These controlledeaks come from the top. If not, look for a fast disclaimer tomorrow, as Apple won't want people waiting in...
These rumors come from Apple. They're ramping up their hype machine. If it's not Apple then you'll read an article tomorrow from a long time associate of Apple who says they've talked to high level personnel and hear there will be no Home Automation announcements. If you don't hear that, bet on it. This is how it works.
I strongly suspect announcement at WWDC of a new iPhone shipping immediately: the iPhone Pro. It'll look very similar to the 5s, but with a 4.7" screen.
The agreement is not the window of time in which they can use lqmt, but rather the window of time in which all patents and discoveries by Apple and lqmt themselves are mutually usable. For example, in February of this year, right after the timeframe for the last agreement expired lqmt came out with a new formula that didn't use beryllium, a very toxic substance. Now that the agreement's been extended Apple can have full access to that new recipe, my understanding is,...
No comment.
So apple equal 2007 Amazon. That's good stuff.
^^. Marvin, you're my new hero. Excellent deducing. I'd put money on your thoughts above. Maybe iWatch really does end up being the new Apple TV then?
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