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So apple equal 2007 Amazon. That's good stuff.
^^. Marvin, you're my new hero. Excellent deducing. I'd put money on your thoughts above. Maybe iWatch really does end up being the new Apple TV then?
Apple don't have experience with gaining and using insight into people's fitness efforts. Apple does hardware and software that sells the hardware. They don't produce movies or music. They don't create CAD programs, etc. they make hardware and linking software to allow people who are experts in these other things to do their thing.So it sounds like they'll feed the data to nike's app, and maybe others (maybe not -- they only work with a few search engines, and pull stocks...
I'll be absolutely shocked if they scale up a 5s and use that for the 6. The phone looks ridiculous that big with such huge top and bottom bezels. A larger phone means more of the internals can be hidden beneath the screen. So the top and bottom bezels can and should shrink appreciably.
I was thinking LQMT too.
Mikey, Miss the point much? 
These two pictures seem to show dramatically different widths... Am I right or what am I missing? Apple TV sitting atop Amazon's Fire TV.
Crack reporting there. "Seems to be" seamless. What, based on an Instagram photo? Btw, isn't that a seam I see?
"Sapphire" and "bigger" — these are the two controlled leaks that Apple is pushing. And of course they are. Sapphire connects the value of their product to jewels and Bigger starts to postpone people switching to Android for screen size. Well played Apple. Well played.
New Posts  All Forums: