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I was thinking LQMT too.
Mikey, Miss the point much? 
These two pictures seem to show dramatically different widths... Am I right or what am I missing? Apple TV sitting atop Amazon's Fire TV.
Crack reporting there. "Seems to be" seamless. What, based on an Instagram photo? Btw, isn't that a seam I see?
"Sapphire" and "bigger" — these are the two controlled leaks that Apple is pushing. And of course they are. Sapphire connects the value of their product to jewels and Bigger starts to postpone people switching to Android for screen size. Well played Apple. Well played.
Working under pressure really can make peoe think creatively and cut through the crap. That jobs fellow was an evil genius. And by evil I mean awesome.
Does this mean I could AirPlay from anniphone to an ATV in a room without wifi?
Praying for aftermarket systems with this functionality.
iPancreas — The next big thing lol
New Posts  All Forums: