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Does this mean I could AirPlay from anniphone to an ATV in a room without wifi?
Praying for aftermarket systems with this functionality.
iPancreas — The next big thing lol
Agreed. Can someone get this guy media training and a charisma transplant? You don't defend and qualify your new products before you've even introduced them.
I still say it's an array of sensors in a ring. It may be a 1/2 thick ring, but a ring it'll be. No one wants to sleep with their watch on. Then again, it could go on the ankle, or even around the calf...
Next big thing, huh? How about a home operating system. Like for the connected home to come.
"Final solution?" Yikes. Those two words shouldn't be used together. Too much baggage. Way too much baggage. Cool article content though. It's beyond me why it's taking so long. Perhaps they needed Toich Id to generate enough confidence. Perhaps it's also to be timed with the introduction of... New Apple TV that also works as an iBeacon pay center?
I hear liquidmetal has platinum in the alloy!
Breaking news!
FfYour disagreement does not make it wrong. Why not check your ego for a moment and openly consider the long history of this word being used in negative terms? It's distracting to read and then translate. If you want to be understood most clearly in your writing you don't use drastically to mean a positive change. Feel free to rebel in this. Just realize you will be misunderstood by many and thought to be a fool by some.
New Posts  All Forums: