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Yeah, they'll watch every damn thing you do and constantly suggest that you purchase this that and the other thing, ostensibly to make your life easier.
I was just thinking about this yesterday in relation to Apple's acquisition of the 3D scanner company. Maybe they align with each other to create some cool new capacities?
Notice how the 4.94 screen size in the image is roughly the same size as the entire iPhone 5. To me there's good reason to think the iPhone 6's front will be all screen — So same size as iPhone 5 in the end and not a bigger phone at all.
Finally! Now I can go back in my time machine and sell this to Laughton for $10,000, buy some stock, and sit back and watch the miracle unfold.
Agreed Cspro. It's a little too weird for me to volunteer to be tracked. EDIT: Just signed in under an obscure name to check it out. The app asks for two permissions: 1) Permission to use M7 motion data; and 2) Permission to use your location information. I allowed the first but not the second and the app still works great. It just doesn't use the screen that maps your locations, which was the point! I gotta say, it's fun to see my movement add up. I must have a thick ego...
Considering the recent rumors about Apple hiring RF people with speed, my guess is the A8 has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, And TouchID all on one chip, and it's the basis for their first wearable, debuting ASAP, hopefully fall '14. Also I still think the new AppleTV debuts next June with its own App Store and is a key track for the debeloper's Conference.
I'm dubious about the value of iPads in education. Sorry, but I just don't get the value proposition.
Wow. Lame video. Looks clunky and... Unfun.
Wait till it's complete and they reveal that it's actually a giant home button. When they push that thing watch out!
It's seeming less and less likely to me that Apple will make a watch like product. Look at what Nike has already done. Now consider Tim Cook is on the Nike board. Now consider the rumors that the Iwatch trademark may refer to a television product. Now consider what Apple could bring to the watch table that other people are not already doing, or able to do. I'm thinking the fuel band will be – or is already – the Apple watch. The only thing it's missing is an iPhone SDK...
New Posts  All Forums: