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It's seeming less and less likely to me that Apple will make a watch like product. Look at what Nike has already done. Now consider Tim Cook is on the Nike board. Now consider the rumors that the Iwatch trademark may refer to a television product. Now consider what Apple could bring to the watch table that other people are not already doing, or able to do. I'm thinking the fuel band will be – or is already – the Apple watch. The only thing it's missing is an iPhone SDK...
I like Jony's better
"We call them BAT's -- Big area tablets." Yeah right. That's what bat stands for lol. http://youtu.be/CZrr7AZ9nCY
Perhaps the I watch will be designed and made by Nike.
Apple later this month: In their first full week of sales iPhone 5c and 5s sold more than x and we couldn't be more thrilled...
Way to not include a link to the trailer... http://youtu.be/6ny6oSHyoqg
AI, I think I've said it was a "bi-spoke assembly," not a "bespoke assembly." The words go by quickly, but if you look at the accompanying picture it's pretty clear that it has two spokes, thus bi-spoke.
I thought both would have the sensor if they were going to release an iWallet, on the logic that Apple would get a slice of all transactions and want as many devices to have the ability as possible. Now I'm thinking the iWallet comes next year.
iTunes is where I organize and play my music. If XBox radio doesn't let me buy through iTunes andimport my music into iTunes you can forgetaboutit.
Nice article. Very plausible. Thanks
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