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Way to not include a link to the trailer... http://youtu.be/6ny6oSHyoqg
AI, I think I've said it was a "bi-spoke assembly," not a "bespoke assembly." The words go by quickly, but if you look at the accompanying picture it's pretty clear that it has two spokes, thus bi-spoke.
I thought both would have the sensor if they were going to release an iWallet, on the logic that Apple would get a slice of all transactions and want as many devices to have the ability as possible. Now I'm thinking the iWallet comes next year.
iTunes is where I organize and play my music. If XBox radio doesn't let me buy through iTunes andimport my music into iTunes you can forgetaboutit.
Nice article. Very plausible. Thanks
Hahahahahahajahahaha. What a fugly piece of junk!
The Apple logo is bigger than Apple. It belongs to the world! j/k
Dude, that's a pretty high bar. I think the ho-hum response from Apple is pretty reasonable.
What, are they handing these champaign colored chasses away free at the corner drug store. Everyone and their grandma seems to have one.
I'm no expert, but it looks fake to me. The fact that Engadget say they've seen something like this before doesn't mean this shot is real. Something about the perspective of the phones between the top row and bottom looks off to me, and some of the phone look like they're floating due to their perspective, rather than actually lying there.   In the end, I expect that 95+% of these leaked photos are straight outta Cupertino. They benefit immensely from the build up of...
New Posts  All Forums: