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Hear a song, click a button, you just bought it in iTunes.
And to be fair, Thunderbolt is really more future-resistant.
But USB is past-proof.
Yeah. Nothing like a fountain pressed into the shadow of a massive building, six feet from a sheer wall of stone. What's the big deal?
My god, it's full of stars... Oh wait, those are $'s -- my mistake.
I'm looking forward to seeing if they use liquidmetal as the frame material. A tiny bit would offer great strength and mitigate the need for machining...
Thanks for the correction.
I agree with cogito. If any money changed hands here for the article it is imperative that it be disclosed as a part of the article (which reads like a 7th grade love letter IMHO). As for the bumper so lovingly described, are you kidding me? On the back it most certainly does not look like it came with the phone. It's horrible. And it blocks cell reception? Apple sells a bumper, you know. If you need one buy the one Jony actually did help design.
Looks excellent.
What do they do about the camera?
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