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They gave no reason? I'll give you a reason: Their service blows. The towers decimate the phone's batteries when you're on the Internet, the call quality is junk, and now there is more competition than ever. That is all.
I wonder if they'll use liquidmetal as an internal frame? That stuff is strong enough that it wouldn't take much to give rigidity. Then the whole thing could be wrapped in plastic and be solid as a brick of glass.
Fascinating. Thanks for posting.
iLife '14?
Anything less wouldn't be a must-buy... As for companies not having the hardware for nfc, Apple will practically give them away, I would think. They'll make their money on the transaction.
Great article. From http://asktog.com/atc/apple-iwatch/
I'm looking for the best price/size Thunderbolt storage solution -- presumably HDD. Anyone have any recommendations or links?
It looks like it's worth more than you pay for it? Are you kidding me %u2013 it looks like you have a microwave oven on your wrist%u2026 From 1987.
  This is a UI usability nightmare, I suggest.     It's like teaching people the power button will turn power on or off, unless the clock is within five minutes to the hour, in which case your power button will activate an ear piercing siren noise...   How is it like this?  Well, are you going to check the clock every single time you want to power down or power up your computer?  No.  Your mind is on other things.  And you know how the power button works.  You've...
Sorry, perhaps I misspoke.  The home button is fine.  But when you're in a newspaper app through Newsstand, when you hit the home button to get out of the newspaper and into the app page it dumps you back into newsstand.  You have to hit it again to get to the home screen of apps.  So we've been taught that no matter what app you're in you can hit the home button to get back to your home screen of app icons, except now there's this subset of apps that BY DESIGN do not...
New Posts  All Forums: