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How can anyone take this guy seriously? Microsoft's new Surface and laptops look pretty decent but I have no interest. How well they work, How well they actually hold up and how well they sell remains to be seen. I don't see them pulling customers away from Apple but rather pulling customers away from their already struggling "partners". The fact that Microsoft now competes with their own partners must absolutely p*ss them off. That's more akin to stabbing your already...
I dub this the "Jetson's Campus". Very nice!
True, I believe that Woz did say some of the dialogue was fabricated. As I recall Woz and others with first-hand knowledge also said that the movie (and book) was quite accurate and captured the spirit rather well in their opinion. At least as far as their experience with Steve at that time. Having not seen the movie, my hope is that it is as balanced and accurate as possible.
At the end of the day, the book or movie is supposed to be a biography. A good biography needs to show all parts of Steve – warts and all. That is what I expect. If it goes too far one way or the other then it's just not a good biography.   Those closest to Steve probably saw more of his best qualities, which might make depictions of his less desirable qualities sting a bit. From anything that I've read about Steve from the early years, at times he wasn't as pleasant to...
While Steve may not have technically been "fired", it seems "forced out" would be a pretty accurate description in my opinion.    As far as Woz's comments go, I have no reason to not take him at his word. I've heard some say that Woz is just jealous of the myth that surrounds Steve. Maybe he is. Maybe he's not.
So anyone who uses a case on their iPhone (nearly everybody) will be screwed if this sees the light of day.
 Um... Apple didn't buy Nest. Google did. The founder of Nest, Tony Fadel used to work at Apple though. But Samsung does suck.
Agreed Eric. I usually end the day with about 37% left when I put it on the charger. Anyone who is having terrible battery life, you may have a rogue app that is draining your battery. That happened to me for a short time and on my girlfriend's iPad. It turned out that Plex was an issue. I just deleted it off of my phone all together while she restored her iPad and reinstalled. Fixed the problem for both of us.
I easily get through the day on a single charge too. Although I did wake up to a phone that only had a charge of 37% this morning. I had a small wad of pocket lint in my lighting connecter port and never had a good connection on my clock radio dock. I'm at 11% and I'm heading home shortly – no big deal. If Sammy's battery life was so good, why do you need to carry a second battery for your phone?
My sister-in-law picked up three Samsung Galaxy S4 phones a year and a half ago at the local Costco because they were practically giving them away. By her own admission, cost was the ONLY factor. Two of the three are presently broken and off for repairs. They will be without them for at least 4 weeks! As I told her at the time she bought them, you get what you pay for. They can't wait for the iPhone 6 this fall and are excited to dump the Galaxy phones. I hesitate to...
New Posts  All Forums: