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You're right in the sense that no one comes up with any original ideas or thoughts any more; it's just the same old stuff said over and over again.  I think this forum (and all others) needs to get out more.  
I don't accept that the S3 Is pretty good, and that's after owning and using one for a couple of weeks. On its own it's pretty good, but in comparison tO a 4S, it's not. I don't know why people can't accept that not everyone shares the same opinion.
    To my knowledge, Nokia has only ever considered Symbian, Meego and Windows Phone phones as smartphones (and they are all smartphone OSes).  Nokia's Series 30 and 40 phones are all feature phones, and are counted as such.        I agree with you.  The profit trend was already downwards before Elop took over, so it was only a matter of time anyway before Nokia started to lose money, regardless of whether Elop was in charge or not.  The problem was, Nokia were on this...
I don't think that excuses Apple from advertising a feature that cant be used in the uk.
I'd bet the vast vast majority of British consumers have no idea what a 4G network is let alone whether they have access to one. It's definitely misleading and Apple should just continue to sell the iPad in such countries as Wifi + 3G until any 4G capability can be utilised.I think Apple should only use 4G as a headline feature in areas where that capability is actually available now. When I see a product advertised I don't expect to see something i can't actually use in...
I've never had any problems adding my own media content to my iDevices. I add the content to iTunes, and sync it to the device. In fact, it's incredibly simple; much easier than connecting a device as an external drive and manually dragging and dropping.
Oh I know, it's just a common misconception that seems to run rife in all tech blogs and forums.
Changing the aspect ratio would have meant a huge upheaval for developers and would have made the existing back catalogue of iPad apps effectively incompatible. I'd say in the game of trade offs, black bars on your movie content is much more preferable to having to rewrite every app.
I think you need to understand the difference between invention and innovation.
I suspect that the September 2011 results were artificially high in expectation of the new iPhone. The December results might just be that stabilising.
New Posts  All Forums: