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I've never had any problems adding my own media content to my iDevices. I add the content to iTunes, and sync it to the device. In fact, it's incredibly simple; much easier than connecting a device as an external drive and manually dragging and dropping.
Oh I know, it's just a common misconception that seems to run rife in all tech blogs and forums.
Changing the aspect ratio would have meant a huge upheaval for developers and would have made the existing back catalogue of iPad apps effectively incompatible. I'd say in the game of trade offs, black bars on your movie content is much more preferable to having to rewrite every app.
I think you need to understand the difference between invention and innovation.
I suspect that the September 2011 results were artificially high in expectation of the new iPhone. The December results might just be that stabilising.
Yeah it's typically the case that what people say they will buy is different to what they actually buy. But it's still a shift regardless.
Yeah to me it looks like a number of perspective buyers have basically switched from wanting an iPhone to wanting a Samsung (probably Android) phone. Although the number of people wanting an iPhone is still amazingly high, such a considerable decrease/increase should be well noted. Samsung is very quickly becoming synonymous with Android.
For a phone to work on a CDMA network, it has to be registered with the network; i.e., you need to call them and ask them to authenticate your phone on the network. If that supplier has a policy of not allowing certain phones onto their network, even though the phone is unlocked and could work on any network in theory, if they refuse to let you use it, there's nothing you can do about that.
T-Mobile in the US, no, T-Mobile is other countries, yes.
My understanding is that it means Verizon and Sprint have said no to allowing iPhone 4S' that haven't been specifically bought with Verizon or Sprint service onto their network. So you may call to add your phone to their network, and they may reply 'sure... but only if you sign up to a 24 month commitment'.
New Posts  All Forums: