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Sadly, in the UK, that's the not the case at all. To configure a base 13" MBP with a 256GB SSD costs an extra £520. You can pick up a Crucial C300 256GB SSD for £368, and still have the 320GB drive the MBP came with. Apple's SSDs are a major rip-off in the UK.
I don't think the issue is about who first coined the term or whether it is a new term. The issue seems to be that Microsoft now think the term has become so generic as a means to identify a particular thing that it can't be trademarked.
Apple just needs to call it the 'Apple App Store' to distinguish it from other app stores (Windows Marketplace, Android Market, Ovi Store etc, all of which are app stores).
Yikes, I wouldn't be placing that sort of trust in a company whose main aim is to get hold of as much of my money as possible. That's a very complacent attitude to have, and I'm sure the salemen rub their hands with glee when they see someone like you coming!
Or he really could just think the Galaxy Tab is better than the iPad. And where's the harm in that? He doesn't post as a paid shill would, he posts as someone who has an opinion that is different to your own. If you want people to respect that you think Apple's products are better than the competition, you're going to have to respect that some people will think the opposite.
The OP is asking Apple to unlock AT&T phones.
It's not up to Apple, it's up to AT&T.
Chances are Apple's replacement hard drives are already imaged with the most up to date installation for each specific product and they just drop a new one in. They would have to keep a stock of all OSX installations otherwise, and I can't see Apple doing that simply because it would needlessly clog up the inventory. Apple are unlikely to be publicising anything about their products failing and parts being replaced under warranty; doesn't exactly enstill a positive image.
That would contradict entirely Apple's move into mobile advertising.
This sounds a tad idealistic since Apple themselves have recently opened up their own ad shop. If allowing users to safeguard their personal information in such a way is in the best interests of the company, they'll do it. If it isn't, they won't. The £££ signs are much further up the list of priorities than the customers' privacy.
New Posts  All Forums: