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The OP is asking Apple to unlock AT&T phones.
It's not up to Apple, it's up to AT&T.
Chances are Apple's replacement hard drives are already imaged with the most up to date installation for each specific product and they just drop a new one in. They would have to keep a stock of all OSX installations otherwise, and I can't see Apple doing that simply because it would needlessly clog up the inventory. Apple are unlikely to be publicising anything about their products failing and parts being replaced under warranty; doesn't exactly enstill a positive image.
That would contradict entirely Apple's move into mobile advertising.
This sounds a tad idealistic since Apple themselves have recently opened up their own ad shop. If allowing users to safeguard their personal information in such a way is in the best interests of the company, they'll do it. If it isn't, they won't. The £££ signs are much further up the list of priorities than the customers' privacy.
Given that mobile gaming is one of Apple's marketing points, I'd say anything that comes along to take a direct shot at that is something for them to be worrying about.
No what I mean is do Macs not come with software out of the box to do this; I.e., do you *have* to buy extra software for this, or can you just buy a tuner and use whatever Apple supply?
Do Macs not come with software to watch, schedule and record live TV broadcasts?
Many many many people buy things just because they're cool, not because of any technical merit or advantage. This is how brands work.
Serious question; are you suggesting that Apple are only as popular and successful as they currently are because they have a 'hip' or 'cool' image? The reason I ask is because of the tireless number of threads about Apple vs. the rest of the world where it's concluded that Apple are so successful because they make better products. However, if part of that success is based on their cool image, surely that diminishes the argument that they simply make the better product? ...
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