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Given that mobile gaming is one of Apple's marketing points, I'd say anything that comes along to take a direct shot at that is something for them to be worrying about.
No what I mean is do Macs not come with software out of the box to do this; I.e., do you *have* to buy extra software for this, or can you just buy a tuner and use whatever Apple supply?
Do Macs not come with software to watch, schedule and record live TV broadcasts?
Many many many people buy things just because they're cool, not because of any technical merit or advantage. This is how brands work.
Serious question; are you suggesting that Apple are only as popular and successful as they currently are because they have a 'hip' or 'cool' image? The reason I ask is because of the tireless number of threads about Apple vs. the rest of the world where it's concluded that Apple are so successful because they make better products. However, if part of that success is based on their cool image, surely that diminishes the argument that they simply make the better product? ...
That's fine, you can have whatever categories you like, just don't complain if there's another con when it's compared against machines in another category!
See this is just it; because you disagree that the price is quite high, you're discrediting the categories used to compare the device to others. I'm not saying their categories are the best way to compare things, but just because you don't like what they have to say doesn't mean their comparison and ratings are invalid. You're just going to have to accept that Apple devices do have cons when compared to other things out there in any given category, and for this category...
The point I am trying to make is that if you make the categories too specific, there is absolutely no point in reviewing, comparing or scoring any devices at all. It would be like saying the MBA scores 100% in the category of ultraportable laptops that natively run OSX. And because CR are apparently saying something negative about the MBA, some people are trying to discredit the categories they have used to compare machines and instead propose different categories which...
Same purpose of being an ultra portable laptop, i.e., the main purpose of these machines.
Why? They both have the same purpose and utility.
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