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There has to be some sort of common ground between the laptops compared for any sort of comparison to be meaningful. The MBA is an ultra-portable laptop so the main criteria for comparison purposes would probably be size, weight, durability and battery life. This would be compared to other computers with the same purpose which would probably include netbooks and other ultra-portables. And clearly the price of the MBA can be criticised in comparison to a netbook if the...
No I'm saying that criticising or belittling Nokia for their lower profit margins in comparison to Apple is a pointless endeavour since they compete in markets that are inherently less profitable, and which Apple have no interest or desire to compete in. That's entirely Nokia and Apple's prerogative, but both approaches are equally as valid as the next.
The point I'm trying to make is that the constant reminders of Apple's huge profits is also a reminder that Apple's strategy is only any good in markets where people can afford their devices. These 'reminders' also serve to criticise those manufacturers who do make affordable devices for poorer countries, and thus less profit, as if that were a bad thing. It seems that there is a feeling that profits profits profits is the only goal, and that Nokia et al should pack...
I've often wondered this when people mock the low end of the phone market for it's razor thin profit margins, but if all phones were high priced, high margin devices, how would the millions of people in the world who live on next to nothing ever be able to afford a mobile phone? There's over a billion people in India, and the vast majority would never be able to afford a phone if every manufacturer adopted Apple's approach. Or do you think they just shouldn't own a phone?
Hi all It looks like the iPhone and Android based devices are clearing up the smartphone market in the US right now. http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/01/c...-the-us-andro/
Purchase the full report and find out?
Newsweek's at least looks fairly in depth. But I probably wouldn't truely believe either!
http://www.newsweek.com/2010/10/18/g...companies.html You'll find Apple a distant 65th. Or 19th out of technology companies.
I think we need to rewind here, as a few issues are being mixed together.Let's say I have a 4 year old iMac. The screen is fine, the processor is fine, the RAM is fine, the hard drive is fine, but the GPU is a lame duck for the newest games released on Steam I want to play. The only option I have is to toss the whole iMac, even the parts that are still perfectly fine, to get that more powerful GPU. That means Apple's suppliers have to manufacturer a whole new screen,...
Right, so they buy an AIO at the expense of upgradability and repairability, which makes them ultimately more wasteful? At least we agree on that point! It's just ironic that that sort of wastefulness comes from a company who likes to toot their own environmental horn, all the while knowingly selling products that trap people into the throwaway culture we know and love.
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