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Purchase the full report and find out?
Newsweek's at least looks fairly in depth. But I probably wouldn't truely believe either!
http://www.newsweek.com/2010/10/18/g...companies.html You'll find Apple a distant 65th. Or 19th out of technology companies.
I think we need to rewind here, as a few issues are being mixed together.Let's say I have a 4 year old iMac. The screen is fine, the processor is fine, the RAM is fine, the hard drive is fine, but the GPU is a lame duck for the newest games released on Steam I want to play. The only option I have is to toss the whole iMac, even the parts that are still perfectly fine, to get that more powerful GPU. That means Apple's suppliers have to manufacturer a whole new screen,...
Right, so they buy an AIO at the expense of upgradability and repairability, which makes them ultimately more wasteful? At least we agree on that point! It's just ironic that that sort of wastefulness comes from a company who likes to toot their own environmental horn, all the while knowingly selling products that trap people into the throwaway culture we know and love.
But if the vast majority of people aren't going to tinker inside their machines, what makes you think they are going to crack open their Mac and start doing the very same thing?
What if said GPU is broken? How much would Apple charge for a replacement vs. the cost of tossing it out and buying a whole new machine?
This is also true, but I can't say that that's the case in my life! I have PCs running for years, passed down through the family until they are eventually ready for the scrap heap. The oldest at the moment is an Athlon64 machine I put together in 2004, which'll be celebrating it's 7th birthday in about 6 months or so! I have also just retired the first ever PC I built for someone for money, which was a staggering 9 years old, and finally gave up the ghost! I have to...
The issue with this approach is that there is no middle ground. A lot of what you're throwing away when buying a new Mac is actually still very usable, but you have no option but to throw it away since it is all integrated into one package. Equally, the older the machine gets, the more compromises you keep having to make until you can afford to replace the entire thing. For instance, I could buy a shiny new GPU and pop it into my 2.5 year old PC, and I'd be able to play...
Take a look at the Samsung Omnia 7 review... http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_i870...review-522.php I have to say, this is the first OS I have been truly excited about since iOS, and definitely looks to be the next best thing.
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