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Yep, popular or not, they can stand on the credibility of their product.
Who knows?Says he who gave anecdotal evidence 4 messages above...
Some people will, some people won't. When I walk into my local Apple shop it's overwhelmingly filled with teens and young adults. I'll repeat this only once more, but this is why it'll be interesting to see if Apple can retain this level of success when they have fallen out of fashion and someone else becomes the industry darling.
Partly, yeah. You can't argue that Apple haven't created themselves an image of being cool, and for some people, that is enough of a reason to purchase their products. That's why I said the biggest test will be when Apple falls out of fashion; will they still be the largest company in the world by market-cap?
I'd also add that a lot of Apple sales are probably driven by their current 'in fashion' status. Just look at how some of the biggest segments of the market that are purchasing Apple products are students or young adults where being in fashion and trendy is a fairly high priority. Time will tell if Apple's current success is built on actual credability, or whether it's just as a result of their being 'in vogue'.
So the trick is a balance. A large enough high end to innovate, and a bottom heavy low end to benefit from this innovation when it becomes affordable. At a guess, this is where most people sit.
Exactly, now we're on the same wave length. For most people, there simply isn't any reason to pay the extra as something cheaper will do the job just as well, so the money might as well not be wasted.
Because some people need things the Mac does that a PC doesn't, but most don't.
That's fine, because the product already does what I need it to do, so I'm looking to get hold of it for the cheapest price, as do the vast majority of consumers. Most people don't need to pay extra for a Mac when the cheaper option already does everything they need, and more.
That's fine, because we are consumers.
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