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This is a no brainer really. There is no option to take an iPhone on O2 without a data plan, so it figures that data usage for the iPhone is going to be a lot more than other phones where users have a choice to take a data package or not. Incidently, I turned the wifi off on a demo iPhone in an O2 shop last week and tried browsing. It was horrendously slow, far slower than the HSDPA connection I get on my N95-8GB. If that is what edge is like, I say no thanks, and call...
0Yeah it's a nice surprise for those of you who were already happy with the allowance you received. But O2 aren't doing this to please their existing customers, they are doing this to attract new customers. Kudos for them for finally getting the message!
The cynic in me sees this as proof that the iPhone is selling very poorly in the UK. I've never seen any network over double the number of inclusive minutes and texts. I think this is a great start to get iPhone sales moving, but I think if they really want to get things heated up, they need to tackle the steep asking price. But one step at a time I guess. If sales don't pick up very much from this sweetener, then I think the next step is to reduce the price.
It'd say this wasn't really a surprise since EDGE and basic 3G aren't really all that far from each other in terms of speed.
I don't think it's that people are lazy, I think it's more likely that they have no idea how to set it up, nor do they have a data package that allows them access to their emails at a reasonable cost instead of paying per Mb.
This is turning into the classic kneejerk reaction from iPhone fans. The very nature of MMS is a message which is received and read within minutes by the recipient, and then responded too. If I can only send emails, I have to wait for my recipient to have access to a PC, which may be hours after I originally sent the message. You're totally kidding yourself if you think your average Joe accesses their email on their mobile phones, regardless of whether they have an...
New Posts  All Forums: