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So the trick is a balance. A large enough high end to innovate, and a bottom heavy low end to benefit from this innovation when it becomes affordable. At a guess, this is where most people sit.
Exactly, now we're on the same wave length. For most people, there simply isn't any reason to pay the extra as something cheaper will do the job just as well, so the money might as well not be wasted.
Because some people need things the Mac does that a PC doesn't, but most don't.
That's fine, because the product already does what I need it to do, so I'm looking to get hold of it for the cheapest price, as do the vast majority of consumers. Most people don't need to pay extra for a Mac when the cheaper option already does everything they need, and more.
That's fine, because we are consumers.
Here's an interesting article about marketshare. http://www.techztalk.com/techwebsite...p-rising-in-us
This whole post assumes that consumers give a rats ass about profits, which I can assure they don't. Incidently, each extra Android device on the market is an additional revenue stream for Google through the sale of products, services and advertising.
The best for who? For all the people who are buying these Android devices, they are the best for them. You can't say about any Android user that the best device for them is the iPhone, because if it was, they would have picked it! I can't understand why so many people fail to grasp the notion that for a lot of people, the iPhone is not the best choice. This information just shows that that is true. It doesn't mean it's not the best device for you or anyone else that owns...
Who knows? I'd find it difficult to swallow the notion that only people who have bought an expensive phone are willing to part with 99p to buy an app. The price of the apps is so relatively negligable in comparison to the price of the device that I can't see even value shoppers deliberating over the cost of the apps and whether they should buy them or not.
The beauty of it is that people have a choice. For some, iOS is the unpolished OS with Android having the flexibility and customisation they desire. The biggest reason why Android is so attractive to many buyers is it comes in all shapes and sizes at a number of different price points. Just look at the Orange San Franciso. A 3.5" capacitive OLED 840x400 screen, 3mp auto-focus camera, 3G, wifi, 600Mhz processor and Android 2.1. Sounds like it might cost a fair bit,...
New Posts  All Forums: