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This is exactly what I think Apple now needs as they're getting way too cocky for their on good. It'll burn a lot of peoples fingers but it would be good for Apple to realize they can't just slap together any old bit of technology, stick an Apple logo on it and charge a premium. Apple have way too much power as far as controlling tastes and trends, and that needs to be curtailed.
I find it rather difficult to take someone seriously when posting 'objective' stories like this when they hold nothing but a hand-full of Apple products. It's entirely predictable from the second sentence of your post exactly which way these 'articles' will swing. My advice would be to wait for a product that is currently vapourware to actually be announced (if it ever is), and then wait some more so you can purchase and try them both out.
It's the Optimus Mini. http://www.artlebedev.com/everything/optimus-mini/
Amazon pretty much always discounts Macs.
That sounds like a terrible future where freedom and choice are heavily curtailed. I don't know how anyone could want or support that.I agree with this. The Apple app store is now so big that, for me, it's imploded on itself. There are now so many apps, the vast majority of which are the same duplicated rubbish, that I rarely bother to browse the app store, and when I do, the list after list after list of apps just puts me off, and I close it down again. I think the app...
If the mouse just doesn't work fully/properly with the drivers included with Bootcamp, then you'll need to pester Apple to write a proper driver for it. However, when I briefly had a MPB in April this year, Apple still didn't have full trackpad support in Windows, and that multitouch trackpad has been available for a good while now. I suspect that Apple deliberately gimp the Windows driver.
Apple take the whole online store down just for maintenance. It goes down fairly frequently really.
Anybody at all?
I know but to retain some credibility people need to acknowledge others success.
Hi all I have a 5.1 speaker set and using the XFi software I can select and option called 'stereo surround' that turns stereo sound into surround sound, such as music and videos. Does such an option exist in OSX?
New Posts  All Forums: