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Before Apple introduced the iPad their OS X Snow Leopard focused on slimming down and speeding up the OS. They removed things like language packs, drivers, and significantly shrunk some applications. It seems to me that Mavericks is taking the same path. Mavericks core features don't grab headlines. But Mavericks advanced features are interestingly focused on battery life and performance, two important, albeit less sexy, features of an OS. To me, the focus on battery and...
I'll throw my hat into the ring as one of Pro folks who is extremely disappointed in the new Mac Pro. No internal expansion slots for additional NICs or RAM alone is a reason to dump Apple for Pro hardware.   Secondly, only gig ethernet??? What the hell? Where's the 10 gig ethernet???   Because there is only gig ethernet that means all storage expansion will have to be Thunderbolt... BLAH, YUCK! Centralized storage is where it's at! NAS and SAN dominate for on...
http://www.fusionio.com/press-releases/fusion-io-unveils-16-tb-iofx-for-workstation-applications/   Very interesting. Considering past reports of Apple building a 2 TB SSD in the next Mac Pro   http://www.macrumors.com/2013/03/04/apple-building-2tb-solid-state-drives-for-next-mac-pro-release/
I concur. There are a lot of technicalities in this article that are flat out wrong. Makes me think the writer was purposely thrown off course by their source Ivy Bridge WILL be in the new Pros, it's better at voltage, has MUCH better thru put, supports more cores, and to that guy who said there is no Xeon version of Ivy Bridge he's wrong, too
Took a couple years but I nailed it. Maybe Steve read my post?? Nah http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...3&postcount=26 and this... http://forums.appleinsider.com/showp...9&postcount=28 Excuse me while I gloat for a minute...
No, do what you're first sentence states and clean your music from iTunes
This appears to be an issue for others as well. Wait and see if Apple acknowledges the issue... if you can. Otherwise just Time Machine your way back to 10.7
Postagram might be better... certainly cheaper
Nice. I had this same question. Seem not so obvious of a fix.. not sure if it worked yet but we'll see
you may have a rogue app that's not yet fully compatible with iOS 5 that is using CPU cycles when it's not supposed to
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