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Was that 800 sold to people or stuffed into the retail channels?
And if the 6 has a convex button?
After reading this entire thread, I now know why the world is in financial crisis. Not even bloody accountants can agree how numbers should be added. Still, with any luck one of them will be pulling beers at my local and will fill my glass 200%; beer at half the price.
Apple is getting a marketing bonanza out of this. Cheap at haf the price.
It actually makes a lot of sense.Jony Ive took inspiration from, and used, design elements from Brawn products to design completely unrelated products. Dieter Rams was in fact very complimentary of Ive's work, to quote."I have always regarded Apple products — and the kind words Jony Ive has said about me and my work — as a compliment. Without doubt there are few companies in the world that genuinely understand and practise the power of good design in their products and...
"Mueller described the decision by Korea's FTC to investigate Samsung as "courageous," given the what he called the "enormous political clout" Samsung has in its home country." The Chaebols have long been given virtual immunity to the law in Korea as they were seen as the driving force for the country's economic recovery and nation building. Now, however, many Koreans have had enough of the Chaebols' flagrant disregard for laws. Just recently the President of Hanhwa (One...
  I've been following this thread just to see how many Tallest Skil reels in.
I'll take a dollar each way on the outcome.
I don't, but I'm making the point that these ads open the door for those who want to draw such a long bow do so.
While inoffensive, I doubt these ads will have the desired result. Mac's are supposed to be easy to use: remember the "it just works" moniker? So although, as most level headed people realise, people do need help with different aspects of their computing life, these ads will be open fodder for those who will insist that Mac's are anything but intuitive.
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